Aaron Rodgers Leads Team to Dodgeball Championship

temp130606-minicamp-dodgeball-016--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Aaron Rodgers led his team to the Packers Dodgeball Tournament Championship, wrapping up their three day Mini-Camp for offseason practices. Rodgers, along with teammates such as Mason Crosby, Randall Cobb, and Johnny Jolly, were able to knock off James Jones’ squad for the title. In the championship game, it came down to a two on two (Rodgers and rookie Lane Taylor vs Jones and Jordy Nelson) and Rodgers, who has one career reception for -1 yards, made a huge catch on Nelson to make it three on one before taking down James Jones. Now Rodgers, and his pseudo-rival have something in common, as former Packer Brett Favre has also played in a dodgeball tournament this season.

So my question to you Dodgeball Nation, is if you had to have a six man roster of current NFL athletes, playing with an NCDA Ruleset, who would you choose?

Here’s what I’ve got:

-Randall Cobb, Packers WR: Lead all NFL WRs in catch percentage last year

-Wes Welker, Broncos WR: Third in receptions per game last season, and is a little target

-Jay Cutler, Bears QB: Possibly the strongest arm in the league when it comes to velocity

-Aaron Rodgers, Packers QB: Strong, but more importantly accurate arm

-Troy Polamalu, Steelers S: Makes plays defensively, good hands

-Tom Brady, Patriots QB: Strong, accurate arm, and he just flat out wins.


Original article: http://www.packers.com/news-and-events/article-1/Aaron-Rodgers-captains-dodgeball-champions/3711d611-6741-4b90-a6f5-f7bd61b7d834

Author: hiller87

Former Captain of the MSU Club Dodgeball Team, former NCDA Chief of Content.

5 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers Leads Team to Dodgeball Championship”

  1. With your six man roster, I like that you took three receivers and three QBs. I think a lot of people would think throwers first, but with out dodgeball game catching is always a strong part in the end game.
    How many games have you played where the last out to win the point was somebody catching? Has to be a big statistic.

    1. Honestly couldn’t put a number to it but it was definitely pretty high. I’m also probably slightly biased to catching in dodgeball as well.

  2. I would have to say;

    -Calvin Johnson, Lions WR: One of the most athletic players
    -Aaron Rodgers, Packers QB: Same reason
    -Wes Welker, Broncos WR: Same reason
    -Peyton Manning, Broncos QB: Can make some great strategies
    -Robert Griffin III, Redskins QB: All-around great athlete with a good arm
    -Joe Thomas, Browns OT: Because nobody picks any linemen or Browns players. Plus he has never missed a game in his career, that’s dedication.

  3. Here’s my best six I could probably come up with:

    Jay Cutler QB Bears- for his arm, not his personality

    Russel Wilson QB Seahawks- Not only can he throw but with his baseball background it’s almost certain he can catch.

    Ed Reed (closer to his prime if I could) S Texans – dude could track down any stray ball better than anyone else in the league and is still pretty good at it even as he gets older. Would come up with tons of clutch catches.

    Wes Welker WR Broncos- Small target, crafty, and someone who will know how to tick the other team off.

    Philip Rivers QB Chargers- Well he’s used to throwing at the other team enough already, might as well try and hit them now instead of letting them catch his throws. Plus he’s got a strong arm as well

    Andre Johnson WR Texans- We all know he can catch but give him a minute of two to learn how to throw a pinch and with the way he’s built I’m sure he can get a solid throw down.

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