2023 All Central Region Conference Team

The 2022-2023 season comes to an end and it is time to recognize the individuals that put in the work to make it onto The Central All-Region team. The Central Region consists of the following teams: University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Kentucky, University of Northern Georgia, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the University of Wisconsin Platteville. This list consists of the top 12 players in the conference, voted on by their peers. A special thanks to the players that helped with this. Let’s take a look at the results and individuals below!

Colby Chohrach- University of Nebraska Lincoln-What is there to really say about Colby that hasn’t already been said. Since bursting on to the scene last year at nationals he has become one of, if not the most recognizable players in the league. The now 2 time All American was the biggest on court threat almost every time he stepped on the court because of the absolute cannon he possesses for an arm. He spent the last year refining his game, and only getting better as a team player. Colby will graduate this year as the undisputed best Husker dodgeball player of all time.
–Written by Tre Sumrall (Nebraska)

Caleb Newell – University of Wisconsin Platteville–It is no surprise to see Caleb make the All-Region list this year. He came into UWP’s club and immediately established himself as a star. Caleb is constantly looking to take people’s heads off no matter who he is playing. The combination of being able to run people down and then throw 70+ is a deadly combo that all opponents should fear. Look for Caleb to make a strong push for the number one spot in the region next year.
–Written by Austin Kurey (Platteville)

Austin Kurey-University of Wisconsin Platteville-Number 3 in the central region is quite a higher finish for Austin than last years voting. It’s nice to see him get the recognition that he’s earned. While being a quiet person within the league, his gameplay does all the talking for him. Austin has been arguably the most rounded and consistent player for the ‘Neers this season. He had a keen ability to throw off the back line and gain ground on his opponents in transition. Pair that with his submarine style release and it’s over for most players before they know it. One of his most glossed over skills is his ability to maintain his composure on team throws, he always seems to pick out the right throw to go for and evades the others. While he didn’t get any All-American nods in his final season, his shoes will be the some of the largest to fill heading into next season.
–Written by Caleb Newell (Platteville)

Caleb Fowler-University of Nebraska Lincoln-It shouldn’t surprise anybody who has seen this man play that he is this high on the list. Following in my footsteps as a former captain turned president is Caleb Fowler, who might just develop to be one of the best to play for the ‘Skers. While he might not have quite the arm that Colby has, he still has a very accurate throw, that often catches people sleeping with his crosses. He takes on the heavy task of filling the roles of both Colby and myself next year being the top thrower on the team, but also the main communicator. Look for Caleb to be one of the top 3 players in the region, and even potentially an All American next year.
–Written by Tre Sumrall (Nebraska)

Tomas Zander-University of Wisconsin Platteville-Tomas Zander has been a great addition to the UW-Platteville Dodgeball Club with both his playing and his leadership on and off the court. He continues, even in his old age, to dominate on the court and show that he still is a threat and will be for as long as he is able to play. Tom is also a great friend and a mentor to the younger players on our team. All he wants is for Platteville to continue to grow in the league and to get better and better every year. I wish Tom the best of luck in the future if he continues to play and to thank him for all that he’s done for Platteville Dodgeball. Roll Neers!
–Written by Eli Huntley (Platteville)

Eli Huntley-University of Wisconsin Platteville-I have played alongside some pretty amazing dodgeballers at UWP, but Eli is one of the best. He can stand his ground on a team throw and come up with a catch almost every time. Along with his catching ability, he has a deathly accurate throw and the power to make it scary. What has impressed me the most these last two seasons is Eli’s leadership both on and off the court. He really came out of his shell to make his teammates better while also showing them how to have fun. He has one semester left and you can bet he’s going to be there to help UWP get better.
–Written by Tomas Zander (Platteville)

Tre Sumrall-University of Nebraska Lincoln-Tre can easily be seen as the backbone of UNLs team. As their current president and #1 leader he lead the great improvement UNL took from the war to nationals and moving to a coaching position for next year will help UNL improve even farther. Tre has a deadly accurate throw that might be one of the most efficient in the entire league. He is able to compete with UNLs top arms while only throwing half as often. Early in the season Tre would use his accuracy on rush to be a menace to teams that had an inability to stop him. Lastly, Tre has an above par catching ability and a superior game sense that has always left him a factor.
–Written by Caleb Fowler (Nebraska)

Alex Johnson-University of Nebraska Lincoln-One of the major reasons that made this Nebraska team work as well as it did at Nationals this year was because of Alex Johnson. Being one of the two main communicators on the court, and often times the head caller in game is no easy task, but Alex took it on with joy. While most people were still able to at least talk a little bit on day two, Alex essentially lost his voice entirely. This didn’t stop him from running all over the court and still making sure people knew what the gameplan was. He might not have the strong arm like Colby, or the catching ability of Tommy, but he has one of the best game IQs on this team, and arguably in the league.
–Written by Tre Sumrall (Nebraska)

Tommy Eggert-University of Nebraska Lincoln-The last of the seniors that are departing from this Nebraska team is Tommy Eggert. He is known mostly for his incredible catching ability, which was highlighted numerous times at nationals. The thing that most people don’t really see as much, is that he is scarily accurate with his low throws. Tommy has been a long time leader of the team, even though he was only a captain for his senior season. As the second longest tenured player on the team, Tommy really helped guide some of the younger players on the team in the game of dodgeball. There is nothing but consistency that comes from Tommy, and it has always been well above average.
–Written by Tre Sumrall (Nebraska)

Noah Willey-University of Nebraska Lincoln-I’m surprised it took this long for this guy to show up here, and arguably he should be much higher than this. Noah Willey has been Nebraska’s best kept secret, and at Nationals he finally was able to show the league what he is capable of. Coming off of a huge performance against the Ohio Bobcats with 17 kills and 5 catches, he showed that he really is a do it all kind of player. His deadly arm isn’t even the scariest part, and he has a top 7 arm in the league. The scariest part about Noah is his catching radius. There’s almost nothing he will not go for catch wise, and the majority of the time he will catch everything he can get his fingertips on. Look for Willey to claim the #1 spot next year, and even an All American berth.
–Written by Tre Sumrall (Nebraska)

Dillion Mundy-University of Nebraska Lincoln-Dillon may be the best all around player on Nebraska’s team this year, and almost nobody knew about it until Nationals. I truly believe that Dillon is the leagues most under appreciated player, and I don’t think it’s even close. He has mastered all of the small things that it takes to be a phenomenal teammate in this game, and makes it look effortless. Boasting a huge arm, and a great sense for the game, Dillon is the oil that makes the engine run for Nebraska’s game. He is taking on a huge leadership role next year, so look for him to be a premier player in the league.
–Written by Tre Sumrall (Nebraska)

Connor Knott-Concordia University Wisconsin-Connor Knott is the pride and joy of Concordia dodgeball. He is there founder and a stand out rookie, for him to get an all central region nod is impressive, especially when you consider how much experience is still in the region. Knott has a tenacity for competition that he has brought over from college baseball. He has so many aspirations and a unique passion for the game that you don’t see often, especially for a new player. Look for him and the falcon flock to shock the league next year.
–Written by Caleb Newell (Platteville)

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