2018 All-East Coast Team

2017-18 was another strong season for the ever-improving East Coast Region.  With so many solid teams in the east, the competition to make the All-East Coast Team was fierce.  The 18 individuals listed below did a fantastic job this season, and are more than deserving of the honor.

Here is your 2018 All-East Coast Team:

MVP: Doug Schilling (JMU)

Although he ran into some injury trouble this season, Schilling is still well-deserving of the top spot on the All-East Coast team. As one of the best all-around players the NCDA has to offer, he was a true difference maker on the court. He’s the only Duke graduating from their Nationals squad, but he’ll leave a big hole on JMU’s roster. -Zane Durbin

2. Kris DeJesus (SU)

It’s unfortunate that DeJesus didn’t make the trip to VCU to play on the NCDA’s biggest stage, because he definitely would’ve turned some heads. With his strong throw and hands, along with great court awareness, he has the potential to get you out in any way possible. Look for DeJesus and the rest of the Stevenson squad to come out and surprise some people next year. -ZD

3. Michael Hinely (Towson)

Hinely is a high-energy player that you could tell absolutely loves to play dodgeball. As a very well-rounded player, there isn’t anything he can’t do on a dodgeball court. Not only does Towson lose a phenomenal player, they also lose a leader who made a huge difference regardless if he was on or off the court. -ZD

4. Evan Eschenburg (JMU)

One of the many skilled players that JMU has to offer, Eschenburg has all the tools necessary to claim the top spot on this list next year. He’s the type of player that you don’t want to be lined up across from, because he can get you out in more ways than one. With his talent, he should be able to step up and lead JMU to yet another dominant season. -ZD

5. Jordan Watt (Towson)

If there’s one guy on the east coast that you don’t want throwing at you, it’s Jordan Watt. After just a short time in the league, he might have the fastest throw out there. Look for Watt to step up big next year and improve upon an impressive start to his NCDA career. -ZD

6. Jake Saam (PSU)

Jake Saam makes this list by being arguably the best catcher on the East Coast and certainly one of the top catchers in the league.  His best quality is that he never plays scared on the court which is what makes him such a dominant catcher.  PSU will miss his spark and energy next season. -Hunter Ford

7. Torao Ota  (VCU)

An agile player with a quick release, you always need to know where he is on the court. He stands out on a VCU roster full of great players and is another dodgeballer that will undoubtedly make improvements to his already strong gameplay. -ZD

8. Wayne Shortt (VCU)

Another great all-around player on this list, I think Shortt deserves to be higher. He plays aggressively and has confidence in both his throwing and catching ability, neither of which should be underestimated. Look for Shortt to be at the top of this list next year and be a leader for a strong VCU team. -ZD

9. Hunter Ford (VCU)

Although he was unable to throw for a majority of the season, he was still able to lead VCU to some big victories. Putting the injury behind him, Ford was a great vocal leader for VCU this season and had some huge moments for the Rams, highlighted by his catch to win in overtime against SVSU. By losing Ford to graduation, the Rams lose one of the best leaders the NCDA had to offer. -ZD

10. Jeremy Shaw (UVA)

The second consecutive crippled assassin on this list, Jeremy Shaw finally gets some well deserved recognition.  Even while battling multiple injuries all year, he found a way to make an impact on the court both as a leader and player. -HF

11. Zane Durbin (UVA)

“I don’t know who that is, but he sounds fast.” -Grant Webber

I’ve been promoting this kid for a bit, and I was glad to see him get drafted during the NCDA All-Star Game.  Zane Durbin has a fantastic throw, and great athleticism.  He is on his way to becoming an East Coast MVP in one of his next two years. -HF

12. Morgan McLean (PSU)

Rounding out the list is Morgan McLean of PSU.  Morgan has been a leader for this team over the past two seasons and has carried more than his fair share of the work load for the offense.  He has certainly earned his retirement, and if I didn’t know him any better, I’d say he’s gonna enjoy his retirement at Pickles. -HF

Honorable Mention

  • Ike Fleckenstein (VCU)
  • Garrett McGurl (JMU)
  • Shadeed Drakeford (VCU)
  • Nathan Stock (UMD)
  • David Guare (Towson)
  • Jonathan Smith (JMU)
  • Mario Romanelli (SU)


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