2016 College Dodgeball All-American Team


It is that time of year again!  The 2015-16 National Collegiate Dodgeball Association’s season came to a close just a few short weeks ago.

All of the votes are finally in, so we can now present to you the 2016 All-American Team.  Congratulations to these 15 gentlemen for their incredible individual performances this year.  Becoming an All-American is no small accomplishment.

Listed below are the 15 All-Americans determined by a league wide vote.  This list is in preferential order with #1 being the 2016 MVP.  Below each name is a small description of the player and his successes this year.  These brief descriptions were written by a few different members of the NCDA Content Team.

Without further ado, here is your 2016 All-American Team:

  1. Kevin Bailey – GVSU (MVP)
  2. Colin O’Brien – MSU
  3. Drew Greenawalt – UK
  4. Jonathan Shaw – TU
  5. Jacob Leski – CMU
  6. Austin Morley – GVSU
  7. Kyle Foster – SVSU
  8. Doug Schilling – JMU
  9. Niko Nodal – DePaul
  10. Matt Bautch – UWP
  11. Michael Riley – CMU
  12. Zach Bachner – CMU
  13. Logan Baird – Kent
  14. Josh Conner – OSU
  15. Brett Hadwin – CMU


dodgeball201617548-L - CopyKevin Bailey – GVSU (MVP)

What else can be said about this kid that has not already been said? He led GVSU to three straight championships as captain to complete a four-peat for the program. In a year where GVSU was supposed to take a step back, he led the Lakers to reload with talent and once again take home the championship. My freshman year, he almost single handedly led an OT comeback for GVSU against MSU with a diving catch and two clutch hits. Since that game, I don’t think there has been a conversation about the best payers in the league without his name included. Kevin was a force again this year on the court. I personally had never seen his arm look as good as it did at the MVEC tournament in March. He is well deserving of the title of MVP, also a third straight, and I’m sure the league won’t be too sad to see him go.

-Written by Colin O’Brien


Colin O’Brien – MSU

It would be hard to find a player in the NCDA to be surprised that Mr. O’Brien is an All-American and on the “OT 6” squad for a second consecutive season (only second to Kevin Bailey). He has done a tremendous job leading Michigan State’s squad the last three seasons and although his team was only 20 seconds short from making it to the national championship that should not take away from his invaluable leadership on and off the court. As for his skills on the court, none can deny that Colin is one of the greatest catchers the league has ever seen, if not the greatest. He has been known to make multiple catches at once and is incredibly consistent and reliable. As I am sure the rest of the league will agree, he has the best “burn-ball” in the game by far. Rarely does he throw a catch and if he ever does, it is off of a team throw and more than likely an amazing catch by his opponent. Finally, this man has a heart of gold, and a true passion for the sport of dodgeball. While there is currently a “small chance” he will return next season, none can deny that when he does finally hang up his shoes, he will go down as a legend.

-Written by Jacob Leski


greenawaltDrew Greenawalt – UK

This is Drew’s first All-American selection and it is long overdue. With his legendary catching abilities, one can only assume that the reason he is just now getting recognition is because of his quiet demeanor off of the court. While that should not dictate whether or not he is one of the best players in the league, it has prevented him from getting truly recognized up until now. For those that have not had the opportunity to play against Drew or have not had a chance to see him in action are missing out on perhaps the greatest catcher the league has ever seen. This man has made every catch you can think of and he always does it when his team needs him most. Teams create strategies to completely avoid him because throwing at him is almost always an automatic out. While he does not have a strong arm like the large majority of his All-American teammates do, he makes up for it with his clutchness and desire to win. Like O’Brien, Mr. Greenawalt will without a doubt go down as one of the top 5 greatest catchers the league has and probably will ever see again.

-Written by Jacob Leski


10511082_719869878073770_7994181106616738269_nJonathan Shaw – TU

This man can do it all, catch, throw, dodge, you name it, but it is hard to find a better leader on and off the court than this young man right here. He has personally experienced the highs and lows of Towson Dodgeball and has given his heart and soul to ensure that this team becomes a success… And man has he done a wonderful job. It takes a special person to lead a team through hardship and monumental obstacles like Mr. Shaw has, which is a major reason why he is viewed with such high respect throughout the league. He inspires his teammates to not only become better dodgeball players, but to become better people as well, which he consistently demonstrates with his character and integrity. Combine that with his exceptional dodgeball skills and it is to no surprise that he is now an All-American and a part of the top six players in the league. He is back for all of next season, which just means you will be hearing this man’s name more and more, which without question is what this great individual deserves.

-Written by Jacob Leski


10177269_10152876336194310_7544353873269104789_nJacob Leski – CMU

If there were an award for most improved throughout a career, Jacob Leski would no doubt win it. From just another player on a low-numbered Central team his rookie year to an OT standout this season, Leski’s meteoric rise in ability is reflected in his All-American status this season. Every time CMU needed a clutch play, Leski would come through with a huge catch. He made at least 3 catches throughout the season when he was the last man, and that was just against MSU. Perhaps the only thing better than his catching ability is his ability to get in the opposing team’s head. He will always try to get you to throw at him with his trash talk and those who are foolish enough to do so will soon find themselves on the sideline.

-Written by Colin O’Brien


Austin Morley – GVSU

Austin has been a constant presence for GVSU during their current run of championship success. An all-around player, Austin got consistently better each season. Often lost among the many great players for GVSU earlier in his career, this season he took over as an assistant captain and elevated his play once again. With so much roster turnover, Austin was forced into the spotlight and his overall play was another big reason why GVSU are champions once again.

-Written by Colin O’Brien


dodgeball201615420-LKyle Foster – SVSU

Kyle Foster closes out his career with one last individual recognition.  The star performer for Saginaw Valley State, Foster had a tremendous season.  The last man left on the Cardinal’s roster that had won a National Championship, Kyle’s leadership and talent was instrumental in his team’s surge over the second half of the season.  While Foster is now internet famous for being on the receiving end of one of the worst below the belt throws ever caught on camera, I do believe he will be remembered for much more than that.  Congratulations Kyle, on earning All-American recognition, and congratulations on a stellar career.

-Written by Kevin Bailey


schillingDoug Schilling – JMU

Not much can be said about Doug Schilling that players in this league don’t already know.  This sophomore had a tremendous breakout season in 2015-16.  Doug proved to be the top overall player on JMU in only his second season.  This year he showed off his impressive arm strength combined with catching instincts that are second to none.  I have very high hopes for Schilling moving forward in his career.  He is clearly one of the most talented players in the NCDA.  If the James Madison Dukes have any plans on rebounding from a quarterfinals exit at Nationals, it will all start with their star player: Doug Schilling.

-Written by Kevin Bailey


482743_10200701309806046_960675227_nNiko Nodal – DePaul

Niko Nodal is one of the most respected players in the entire NCDA.  There is no doubt he has a big impact any time he is on the court.  Niko has a lethal combination of a fast, accurate throw, and great catching instincts.  There’s a reason DePaul’s sideline always chants his name.  Niko has now made the last two All-American teams which is no easy task.  He is the only player from DePaul to make this list since Kevin “Champ” Hill in 2012.  Without a doubt Niko will go down in history as one of the most talented players to ever compete for DePaul.  Congratulations Niko on another impressive season.

-Written by Kevin Bailey


12086881_1041133752604531_1076260122_nMatt Bautch – UWP

I did not have the chance outside of Nationals to see UWP play this season. But in the past seasons I did compete against UWP several times. Each one of those games, Matt was a force for Wisconsin-Platteville. He is a skilled catcher and has a heck of an arm. He can mow down half a team with his throw with ease. Matt will be sorely missed next year for UWP.  His skills along with his leadership for UWP make him an easy All-American selection.

-Written by Colin O’Brien


10923191_10205731167819612_6805411013087740638_nMichael Riley – CMU

He can catch. He can pump fake. He can throw. He can pump fake again. The kid does it all. If there is one flaw is Riley’s game, it’s his propensity to walk out of bounds. But in all seriousness he has one of the harder throws in the league and because he is on Central, can also catch well. His play has contributed greatly to CMU’s back-to-back trips to the national championship game. Michael is easily one of the best all-around players in the league, and an even better guy to talk to off the court.

-Written by Colin O’Brien


bachnerZach Bachner – CMU

Zach Bachner makes an appearance on his first ever All-American Team.  Bachner had a breakout season in 2016 as he led the Central Michigan Chippewas to a runner-up finish in the NCDA.  Zach is known and respected as one of the best catchers in the nation, and he showed off those skills any time he was on the court.  Zach is arguably one of the most difficult players to eliminate in the NCDA, so it is no surprise he is a very valuable part of CMU’s overtime roster.  Time and time again this season, you could find Zach as one of the last players standing for CMU in a crucial situation.  He was arguably the most important player on the CMU roster during the first half of the season as CMU earned a #1 ranking by mid-November.  His clutch performances were crucial in helping CMU win a few close games this year.  I expect an even better season from Zach next year as he intends to lead CMU to their first NCDA National Title since 2011.

-Written by Kevin Bailey


logan bLogan Baird – Kent

There are not too many players in this league that can throw the ball with a curve on the ball, especially none like this young man. If you think you are good at catching, a true test of your ability is successfully catching Logan’s ball. Heck, catching his throw one out of five times is something to be proud of. As soon as you think his throw is coming directly for your chest, it ends up three inches to your left and you are on the sideline wondering what went wrong. What makes him standout from other players though is his intelligence. He knows this game better than most and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. This is his first selection to the All-American team and with his likely return next season, expect him to wreak havoc for another year.

-Written by Jacob Leski


connerJosh Conner – OSU

This is Josh’s first selection to the All-American team and he certainly deserves to be on it. Many of the individuals that have been selected to the team have one major thing in common, and that is their outstanding leadership on and off the court for their respective squads and Josh is another perfect example of that. Josh had to experience a first round loss at Nationals 2015 and even after the devastating loss, Josh was stoic and instilled a sense of confidence in his team and that they would be back bigger and stronger the following season and they sure did. He led his team to their first Final Four in many years, and while doing it excelled in every aspect of his game. He rarely threw catches and never missed a catchable ball. His knowledge of the game is a large reason why his team excelled this season and is another reason why he should be happy with how his Dodgeball career ended. Yes, he did not win the ultimate prize of a national championship, but he inspired his teammates and laid out a winning formula from which his teammates can follow for years to come.

-Written by Jacob Leski


dodgeball201514201-MBrett Hadwin – CMU

Brett Hadwin will go down in history as one of the most well-known CMU Dodgeball players of all-time.  He began his collegiate career with a national title, and while he was unable to reach that milestone over the next few years, it should not take away from the impressive legacy he will leave behind.  Brett is known for his great all-around dodgeball skills.  His arm strength is well above average, while his catching skills are as good as just about anyone in the nation.  Brett’s biggest accomplishment may be through his leadership for the Chippewas as they climbed back from a poor couple of seasons to become an elite NCDA team again.  It takes a great leader to bring a team back from first round losses at Nationals to making it to the championship game.  Brett’s contributions to CMU Dodgeball are substantial, and will not soon be forgotten.  Congratulations Brett on a remarkable career.

-Written by Kevin Bailey


Honorable Mention:

Jeff Starr (OSU), Mitchell Aldridge (Kent), Joe Rindone (TU), Nick Hazergian (SVSU), and Wes Peters (MSU)


This was a preferential election. Teams ranked their candidates in order of preference, 1-15. Those ballots were then counted using a Borda Count. 1st preferences received 15 points, 2nd preferences received 14 points, and so on. The top 15 with the most points give us the All American Team. Thankfully there weren’t any ties at the 15 player threshold to deal with.

If you are interested in the full results, see this sheet.

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

3 thoughts on “2016 College Dodgeball All-American Team”

  1. Congrats to each of the All-Americans. I am shocked that Cody Putnam (SVSU) is not on this list. I assume his late season injury had an effect on the voting, but I still believe Cody was more than deserving of a spot on this list. The same goes for Noe Galaviz (MSU) who was injured at the end of the year. Just one man’s opinion though.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Kevin. Cody if it is any disclosure you were one of 7 or 8 no brainers for me, when voting for All-American’s. Although I wasn’t able to watch any of SVSU’s matches this year in person, I was able to watch almost every Michigan game on Livestream, and the one great thing about footage is that is speaks for itself. Although both of these outstanding players were not able to play at Nationals this year, it reminds us that is imperative to remember that when voting for All-American’s you vote for someone based on the entire NCDA season, and not just for Nationals. By no means am I saying that there are players who made this list that didn’t deserve the honor, I am merely pointing something for current and future NCDA players to note in seasons to come.

      1. Thanks you guys. I really appreciate that. I really hope I can prove it for a whole season next year after this elbow heals up. It definitely means a lot to me fellas.

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