What kind of shirt for the Ladies’ Match?

2016 NCDA Ladies’ Match design by Zigmas Maloni and Mia Giano [BGSU]
Dodgeballers, an open question. Since 2012 the NCDA has been hosting a Ladies’ Match at Nationals. For this year’s shirts we specifically asked you for your size in unisex shirts.

This comes from last year’s registration where I asked 5 people what kind of sizing style was wanted, and the women’s cuts where universally hated among that small population. Much of it was that sizes so differ with different shirts, and that the architecture of the arm cuff doesn’t allow for any athletic movement.

So some questions to the source, for those that will be wearing these shirts. What kind of shirt would you want to wear? And if you were limited to an ordinary cotton shirt (as we often are due to cost), what type of sizing and format would you be looking for?

We’ve sent off the designs and shirt sizes to the printers last friday, so this won’t change anything this year. But I’d really like to know your thinking behind a dodgeball shirt so we can be the best in the future.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

2 thoughts on “What kind of shirt for the Ladies’ Match?”

  1. Unisex Bro (ladybro) tanks. They don’t limit movement are are more flattering in the chest area than unisex t-shirts.

  2. As far as sizing goes, unisex shirts are a lot easier. Women’s shirt sizes are very inconsistent, usually don’t fit well, and are unflattering on most people. I think any kind of unisex shirt is a better option than women’s.

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