Rules Are Hard

Dodgeball is a crazy game. There are so many variables and different situations that can happen that it is nearly impossible to have a rulebook that completely satisfies every scenario. Just this past weekend I saw a play that I have never seen happen before, which is crazy because I have been playing for *censored* years! With that being said, we try very hard to create rules that are all-inclusive, fair, and that do not allow for abuse.

Recently I have noticed that there are a few misunderstandings of the rules that have been going around that I would like to address leading up to the big Ohio get-together that we are having. 

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How to Strengthen your Shoulder/ Elbow

Every dodgeball player has dealt with various aches and pains. It limits the way we can play the game we love. Whether it’s taking too much ibuprofen, missing practices, or limited throw counts in games everybody has had to deviate from the way they want to play at some point.

-Written by UMD Coach Zach Fernald

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