Summit Street Slugfest Exchanges

Miami rejoins the NCDA after two seasons of inactivity. This is of great credit to a freshman who last played for Miami at Nationals 2014. It is also the first time a team will return after this sort of inactivity, in the history of the NCDA. Miami finished the 2014 Season with 33.208, and through two “regression to the means” Miami will reenter the 2017 season with a 37.987 rating. This will put Miami at about #17 in this week’s standings.

In terms of this third Summit Street Slugfest, the parity is spotty. We have a few potential minimum value matches here, but yet the same number of close ones. Akron, Miami, and BGSU are part of a highly competitive section of ratings and will see good competition in their matches. But OSU and Kent are old rivals, having participated in the first intercollegiate dodgeball match in history. They are the heavyweights of the day, Kent moreso with a home court boost. 

We probably won’t see every match played out as predicted, but Saturday’s games will give us a good idea of how the Ohio teams stand: those new, old, and returning teams and where they fit into the greater collegiate dodgeball world.

High Seed Low Seed Rating Rating Predicted Exchange Exchange if Upset
Kent OSU 48.951 44.985 0.603 1.397
BGSU Akron 36.879 36.632 0.975 1.025
Kent BGSU 49.554 37.854 0.010 2.000
Miami Akron 37.987 35.656 0.767 1.233
Kent Akron 49.564 34.889 0.010 2.000
OSU Miami 44.382 38.754 0.437 1.563
Kent Miami 49.574 38.316 0.010 2.000
OSU BGSU 44.819 37.844 0.302 1.698

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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