Standings as of 2016-11-07

Holy cow, we are at 28 rated Member Teams. U of North Georgia enters the rankings at a healthy #10 in the Gonzalez Standings by pulling two road wins against their host Georgia Southern. We’ll see both teams again later in the month when UNG hosts WKU and VCU. The predicted exchanges for that schedule will be valuable to their each competitor’s rating.


Mov. Rank Rating Team
1 55.184 GVSU
2 50.211 MSU
3 47.933 CMU
↑ from 7 4 46.661 JMU
5 46.282 Kent
6 45.971 UK
↑ from 8 7 45.182 OSU
↑ from 9 8 45.076 SVSU
↓ from 4 9 45.022 Towson
10 42.340 UNG
↓ from 10 11 41.966 VCU
↓ from 11 12 41.110 WKU
↓ from 12 13 41.008 PSU
↓ from 13 14 40.423 UNT
↓ from 14 15 40.177 UWP
↓ from 15 16 39.124 BGSU
↓ from 16 17 37.891 NIU
18 37.660 GSU
↓ from 18 19 37.350 UVA
↓ from 17 20 37.328 UMD
↓ from 19 21 37.154 Akron
↓ from 20 22 36.698 DePaul
↓ from 21 23 36.477 BW
↓ from 22 24 36.473 Miami
↓ from 23 25 36.333 UNL
↓ from 24 26 36.046 Pitt
↓ from 25 27 35.104 SU
↓ from 26 28 33.138 Ohio

Movement as of last week.

This weekend’s MVEC featured only one Michigan team against three East Coast teams this year. It featured one upset with JMU[away] def Towson[home] at an exchange of 1.464, which falls within one standard deviation (<68%) of the mean for Upset Exchanges. There are still some 40 to 45 upsets ahead that were more influential exchanges of points.

That said, JMU was able to push their rating and lead the competitive #4-#9 section. There is only a 1.764 rating differential between #4 (JMU) and #9 (Towson), so two even strength exchanges will change to composite of this competitive group of Ratings.

JMU’s potential games will count less since they are leading their geographical neighbors. Unless the Dukes head west to compete, JMU will need to play and beat Towson more. Bringing home a win at a road game against VCU will help, too. But playing anyone else won’t give them the larger quality wins they will need to jump into the top three. With Towson and VCU posting rising rating projections this year, there is no great certainty where the VA, MD, and GA teams rank out come Nationals.

Certainly less confident than when I had the privilege to record the first East Coast games hosted by Maryland way back in Nov 2011. It’s great to see so much growth we had to think about spiting it into 2-3 regions! Disclaimer, Regions are completely arbitrary and don’t count for anything. Just a way for the Content Team to group teams that play together more than others, so we can talk about them.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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  1. I think a new team’s rating be considered provisional until they play about 6 games, this is about two average events. The World Rugby system model says a new rating is provisional for 10 matches played, but they don’t really say what a provisional rating says about a team and what they can do. But at the very least, playing six games should push a team into sensible measure of strength for that team. Playing even more matches will still adjust their Gonzalez rating to be even more accurate.

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