Standings as of 2016-10-03

Towson records team record. Towson adds 2.172 to their rating with their three wins at VCU this weekend. They climb to 46.620 and can claim an all time high rating for the team. They are now 6-0 over their two events this season, with the best record in college dodgeball this season, and can claim the #4 spot in the Gonzalez Standings.

The Lower Septenary Teams. There is a competitive and better half of the league that is worth paying attention to. Pitt enters the League standings with a 36.057 rating and #23 placement, and UMD drops to #18 after losing 0.956 after going 0-3 this weekend. This places the two teams into a very competitive bracket that ranges from #18-24. Only 3.873 separates the lowest and highest ratings here, or some 4 quality wins. As long as these teams aren’t playing a team greater than #9, I’d expect to see these ratings shuffle over the season. Very easy to bust out. Akron has already done so, climbing into #13 from #17 last week. 

The Michigan top three is the National top three. The top three is still solidly held with the #4 still 1.504 back on MSU. At this level, it’s equivalent to being 2-4 quality wins back. Even further is the apparent disparity between the top three ratings. MSU is 2.195 back from Central. And Central is an even greater 4.659 back from GVSU. The total

GVSU’s rating is not the highest it’s ever been, which was 58.853 following the 2016 Championship match. However, GVSU’s home rating going into this Saturday looks to be a difficult task to overtake by even the #2 rating . At this point in the season, a visiting CMU would have to get a near 95th percentile upset win to overtake GVSU at home.

Some Laziness. In later additions, I’d like to include the W% column. But for now, that would involve a little bit of work. It should return after the New Year. Help yourself to the Season sheet.

Movement Rank Rating Team
1 54.977 GVSU
2 50.318 CMU
3 48.124 MSU
↑ from 8 4 46.620 Towson
5 46.205 Kent
↓ from 4 6 45.344 UK
↓ from 6 7 45.018 OSU
↓ from 7 8 44.668 SVSU
9 43.817 JMU
↑ from 11 10 41.047 PSU
↑ from 12 11 40.459 UNT
↓ from 10 12 40.000 VCU
↑ from 17 13 39.421 Akron
14 38.719 WKU
15 38.364 BW
16 38.277 UVA
↑ from 18 17 38.062 UWP
↓ from 13 18 37.910 UMD
19 37.579 BGSU
20 36.773 DePaul
21 36.367 UNL
22 36.057 SU
>>> 23 36.057 Pitt
↓ from 23 24 34.036 Ohio

Interesting note. VCU’s actual rating is 39.9998578281404 and through the magic of rounding numbers, it looks like VCU is a brand new team at 40.000, the same value given to entering teams like Pitt this weekend.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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