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Written by Caleb Arnold:

Teams shouldn’t have to have any markings for captains on their jerseys if they don’t want too.

Reasoning: I don’t see the point except to allow the referees to know who can have a voice on the team when it comes to disagreements and such.

This can be fixed in a pretty simple manner. Before the start of every match, the referee, counters, and assistant referee should call for the teams’ captains and assistant captains to the middle of the court. This is perfect anyways because it’s not only a way for the referees to know who have voices for the teams, but it’s also the time that the counters can ask for clock up or clock down and the referees to ask if teams line up with the front at half court or front at the base line of the court. Also, it is time to discuss anything for tournaments that may be needed at the time (i.e. time constraints, rule insights, etc.).

A problem to making teams only have a limited number of captain markings is take Kent State for example. Before they got their new swag, they had like six or seven people (I might be exaggerating) with markings on their jerseys. A lot of them were captains and either came back for graduate school or just gave up control. We are all broke college guys and gals and we shouldn’t have to buy a new jersey if we give up the leadership position because we have a letter on our jersey.

The only problem that may come with this rule proposal is if referees don’t actually bring captains together and as MSU would argue, you can’t pick out targets.

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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