Previewing the Virginia Commonwealth Cup

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) will be hosting their first tournament in program history this Saturday, October 1st.  This is the second East Coast region tournament, following the Towson Throwdown hosted by Towson University on September 25th.  Teams that will be attending include Towson, Maryland, and of course VCU.

What to Expect

More or less, we should expect results similar to the Towson Throwdown. The only team not playing in this tournament that was present last weekend is Stevenson, and given only a one week difference, it is hard to imagine much changing.  That being said, VCU will have a unique opportunity to play on their home court, giving them a slight advantage over the two traveling teams. 

Potential Changes

One thing that we could see change though between the Towson Throwdown and the Virginia Commonwealth Cup is seeing who steps up for each side.  Aside from the veterans who have years of experience against each other, the rookies for each squad seem to be finding their footing on how to play against opposing teams.  Expect to see some newcomers step up more so now that they have a full tournament under their belts.

Predictions & Gonzalez Exchanges

High Seed Low Seed Rating Rating Predicted Exchange Exchange if Upset
Towson UMD 44.448 38.865 0.442 1.558
Towson VCU 44.890 44.216 0.933 1.067
VCU UMD 43.283 38.424 0.514 1.486
Towson VCU 45.822 43.797 0.797 1.203

Towson def UMD 4-1

Towson proved last weekend when they are on their game they are tough to beat.  Hard to imagine on the first game of the day they will be anything but on their game.

Towson def VCU 3-1

VCU’s first home match and it’s a tough one against the #8 team in the country.  This should prove to be a close match.

VCU def UMD 2-1

VCU had it’s largest win versus Maryland ever last weekend by winning 3-1.  However expect Maryland to come looking for revenge with big plays from Matt Greenspan and Justin Anderson.

VCU-JV def TU-JV 2-1

VCU will have a full JV squad ready to go that is hungry to win.  The future is exciting at VCU.

Towson def VCU 2-1

The last game of the day.  We are sure to see some tired legs and generally slower play, but expect both teams to give it their all either way.

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