OSU Round Robin

COLUMBUS-RPAC: UK goes 3-0, MSU 3-1, Kent 2-2, SVSU 1-2-1OTL, OSU 0-4 in the OSU Round Robin

UK def MSU 4-0
Kent def SVSU 2-1 OT
UK def OSU 3-0
MSU def SVSU 5-0
UK def Kent 3-1
MSU def OSU 4-1
MSU def Kent 3-0
SVSU def OSU 3-2
Kent def OSU 3-1

The University of Kentucky Wildcats made off with a 3-0 record this past weekend at the OSU Round Robin, only allowing 1 point against them and thoroughly destroying the competition. Down a few of their varsity players, UK still had the strength to knock off some of the best teams in the league. Wes Hopkins in particular was a force for the Wildcats, who beat MSU 4-0 in their first game, and then followed it up by beating OSU 3-0 and Kent State 3-1.

Michigan State went 3-1 on the day despite bringing 7 rookies playing their first ever matches and being down 6 potential varsity players. The Spartans defeated rival SVSU 5-0, Kent State 3-0, and OSU 4-1. Led by great team unity and by playing clutch for the first time in school history, MSU made their way up to being #2 in the country.

SVSU and Kent State played a terrific first match of the day that went to overtime, the first OT game under the new rules. Despite SVSU getting two team catches in 10 seconds, Kent State won on a controversial catch. SVSU was able to knock off host school OSU to pick up 3 points on the weekend. Kent State figures to be one of the top teams at the end of the season based on points, and they picked up 4 after beating SVSU and rival OSU. The host school Ohio State did not have a great performance, going 0-4.

SVSU v UK – Canceled due to court time restrictions.

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  1. WOW! What a bias report! Could you talk up your own school any more and belittle the others. You don’t really say anything about SVSU how about their record for the day?!? Only two catches in 10 seconds. I got nothing how their team did. Just tried to tear down Kent State undermining their win and bringing up their points for some unknown reason. And you at least could of said something positive about OSU. Or put it in another way they were the youngest team there I believe, they are going through some growing pains. You already wrote all that whats a few more sentences. Hopefully see some improved reporting in the future.

  2. Unfortunately as I am playing matches during the day I am only able to pick up on what happens from when I am playing, and the little bit of the matches I get to watch between matches. If you would like you are more than welcome to help out the league website by adding information! Just email us at ncdadodgeball@gmail.com

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