Opinion: Who I Would Take Into Overtime

There are approximately 500 players in the National College Dodgeball Association. With the new overtime rules, 6 players go into an untimed battle to the death. So if I had to pick my six to go with, out of the 500 players in the whole league, here’s who I’d choose.

I picked six veteran players, five of which were on the All-NCDA list last year, four of the six have been in leadership positions in the past, four of the six are what I’d label “all-around” players, one is a power thrower, and one is the best catcher in the NCDA.

427563_10150545244343263_971466185_nMy top pick was an easy one- Spencer Jardine (SVSU #77). He’s the best player in the league right now, and after carrying the Cardinals to the MDC title last February, he was named NCDA MVP after winning the National Championship. He can rocket 75 mph throws at your face, catch with his body well, and call out what needs to get done.



405237_2814469756860_300964942_nCamden Fullmer (Kent #13) is a fantastic player, with a live arm and lightning quick reflexes on the catch. He takes on any challenger and isn’t afraid to throw a ball through someone if need be. He’s also a great leader, and he’s deadly accurate with his throws.




319928_281164465228735_715641531_nOf course you knew Wes Hopkins (UK #1) was going to make this list. Throwing over 80 mph will put you on anybody’s shortlist of top players. While he’s not the great catcher everyone else is on this list, he’s got the best arm and there’s the intimidation factor of having him on the court as well.

419008_10150651933189630_417933888_nFelix Perrone (WKU #76) is a former head captain (he’s now an AC for WKU) and is one of the fiercest competitors in the NCDA. His low to mid 70s throw is tough to catch, and he can body catch fairly well too. His leadership skills are second to none, but his never say die attitude along with his dodgeball prowess are what puts him on my team.


432058_332553390130680_1301382624_nWhere Wes made this list because he’s the best arm in the league, Brett Hadwin (CMU #4-AC) makes it for being the best catcher in the league. He has a good enough arm to not be a liability on the court, but his catching is what really shines. Body catches, hands catches, spectacular catches, he can catch anything he can reach.

530160_370014939717858_938266248_nEric Paul (MSU #9) has a high 60s/low 70s throw, but is as accurate as anyone in the league. He also is one of the best catchers in the league, and he’s a very smart player. His development over the past year has put him into the discussion as one of the best players in the league, especially after getting the nod as an All-NCDA performer last year.

Honorable Mention Players: Dylan Fettig (GVSU #24-AC), Mark Trippiedi (GVSU #8-C), Jared Matthews (OSU #10), Bryce Corrion (CMU #00-AC)

Who would you take as your top six?


Author: hiller87

Former Captain of the MSU Club Dodgeball Team, former NCDA Chief of Content.

8 thoughts on “Opinion: Who I Would Take Into Overtime”

  1. I’d definitely take Kevin Bailey (GVSU #4, the guy who single-handedly beat MSU in OT earlier this year)

    1. Kevin was pretty high up on my list as well! Good pick Paul. I ultimately didn’t select him because I went with people who’ve been dominating the league for a few years, but he definitely came up in my thought process. If he continues his clutch play then he’d definitely be a guy to watch out for if I do this next year!

  2. Ryan Schian
    Josh Brettrager
    Jordan Elliott
    Jason Steib
    Spencer Jardine
    Torre Peplinski

    Why even take anyone else? Can just select players from last years SVSU team

    1. Ahh I should have specified “current” NCDA players in my post, otherwise I would have taken players like Jimmy Stokes (formerly of GVSU), Eric Sweet (formerly of CMU), and “Heisman” (formerly of Depaul). The top core of SVSU from last year was nasty though, especially when you look at some of the players you DIDN’T name that would be top six players at most other schools.

      1. Since I’m bias, Kevin “Pitcher” Bailey (2012 Rookie of the year at GV Dodgeball), Mark “Wrecking Ball” Trippiedi (Power Arm, Catching), Jeremy Stempsky (too damn good), Lamar Williams (Catching, has speed on the ball, accurate), Kollin Currie (Strong Arm, Alright catch), & Zach Elsworth (The Glove). No I would not pick Dylan Fettig, (too big of a target, can’t dodge well, sorry Mr. President) haha.

        Oh, from the league? haha, well it would be Spencer Jardine (he can do the splits in Mid Air to dodge from SVSU, Power Arm), Alex Acton (Good Dodging, Speed, Accuracy & decent power from MSU), Chris Hess (Emotional guy needed from JMU, good arm, and a BEAST), Billy “The Viking” Cameron (Good Blocker from Kent State, may have anger issues), Torre Peplinski of SVSU (A Catching Machine!), and Kevin Bailey of GV.

  3. Hey, my picks were from an outdated roster. If Lamar and Jeremy aren’t playing, I would pick Dylan “The Jackhammer” Fettig (strong arm, accurate, alright catch), and Kyle “Ninja” Peltier (accurate, good catcher, good dodger, Ninja) need I say more?

  4. I would feel great if my OT team had any of the guys discussed on this thread. If I had to choose a person from my Moody team it would be tough between Ryan “Beast” Pattison previously #31 now #10 or someone who most might not know since we only play depaul on a regular basis Luke “cali swag” Aubrey #13.

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