NCDA President’s Announcement – Looking Forward

From the Office of the President for Immediate Release:

First off I would like to say how happy I am with the current state of our organization. By membership, we are the largest dodgeball league in the United States. I don’t know of a way to even check this, but I can say with confidence that we are also one of, if not THE, largest dodgeball organizations in the world. As of 1/1/2017, we have 628 registered members in the NCDA from 25 different states; and that number will only go up from here. Our unique style of play and our dedicated members are what keep this organization moving and expanding. We are growing, we are influencing, and we are thriving.

I am proud to serve as this organization’s President and look forward to continuing to represent, and work for, the NCDA. Every single one of our members (except Wes Peters) makes it easy for me to want to help this organization in any way.

Here are some of the things we are hoping to accomplish in the second half of the 2017 season:

  • Locking down sponsors for the following items:
    1. Dodgeballs
    2. Video Equipment (for livestreaming/broadcasting events)
    3. Beverages (non-alcoholic only)
    4. Food (snacks, casual/fast food restaurants)
    5. Hotel Chains
    6. Court Tape
    7. Finger Tape
    8. Pain Relief Pills (non-prescription)
    9. Financial Sponsors;
  • Mass Media Exposure
    1. Television Media (ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, etc)
    2. Print Media (ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated, etc);
  • Expanding our NCDA Academic Internship Program;
  • Hosting the largest Nationals to-date (19+ teams in attendance);
  • Developing our career development and alumni relationship database;
  • Developing official partnerships with other dodgeball organizations;
  • Developing an NCDA officiating mobile application;
  • Continuing to expand our organization by adding more schools in new areas;
  • Continuing to develop our dodgeball officiating database;
  • Continuing to listen to our members to make this organization the best it can be.

I’ve been involved with the NCDA since August 2008, and in some sort of administrative capacity since April 2010. In my time, this is the best our organization has been. We have done some incredible things and we show no signs of stopping. Other dodgeball organizations are looking to us for advice or assistance because it is evident that we are thriving. We are happy to help too because at the end of the day, more dodgeball is better dodgeball.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for/about the NCDA, I have an open door policy and will be happy to discuss anything with you.

If you are interested in assisting the development of the NCDA in any way, please reach out to me or any other member of our Executive Board. The Executive Board members provide a solid foundation for which this organization is growing upon and we couldn’t complete anything without their dedication. At the very least, send them a nice ‘thank you’ :)

Author: Felix Perrone

NCDA President

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