Nationals 2018 Schedule

Officiating Assignments may be viewed on the G-Sheet. Saturday and Sunday schedules are presented below.

Nationals 2018: Saturday
7:30 AM Doors Open, Siegel Center
8:00 AM Teams Check-In
8:45 AM Anthem
8:55 AM Ladies’ Match
9:25 AM All Star Game
9:55 AM League Picture
10:15 AM Queue 1
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) UWP VCU
District 5 Court (2) SVSU Kent
Richmond Region Tourism (3) UCF NSU
Court 4 GSU CSU
Court 5 UK DePaul
Court 6 UNG UVA
11:25 AM Queue 2
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) CMU JMU
District 5 Court (2) UMD Akron
Richmond Region Tourism (3) GVSU OSU
Court 4 BGSU PSU
Court 5 Miami UNL
Court 6 Towson MSU
12:40 PM Queue 3
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) UK Miami
District 5 Court (2) SVSU VCU
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Kent UCF
Court 4 UMD NSU
Court 5 CMU CSU
Court 6 GSU UVA
1:50 PM Queue 4
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) GVSU Towson
District 5 Court (2) JMU BGSU
Richmond Region Tourism (3) UNG Akron
Court 4 UWP OSU
Court 5 DePaul UCF
Court 6 Kent UK
3:05 PM Queue 5
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) MSU PSU
District 5 Court (2) OSU UNL
Richmond Region Tourism (3) GVSU Akron
Court 4 CSU NSU
Court 5 SVSU UVA
Court 6 CMU GSU
4:15 PM Queue 6
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Miami PSU
District 5 Court (2) VCU DePaul
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Towson UWP
Court 4 JMU UNG
Court 5 MSU UNL
Court 6 BGSU UMD
5:45 PM Capt Meeting Begins
6:45 PM Capt Meeting Ends
7:00 PM eBoard Meeting Begin
7:30 PM eBoard Meeting Ends
7:45 PM LeaveĀ Siegel Center

Live Saturday Updates on the Records Tab.

2018 Wes Hopkins Fastest Arm Contest, sponsored by District 5 and presented by the DePaul Dodgeball Society, may be a floating event during the first queues of Saturday. We may be gathering results from players before the start of their games, and during halftimes during Queues 1, 2 and 3. Any players that would like to be clocked in should find Zig.

Nationals 2018: Sunday
8:00 AM Doors Open Siegel Center
8:30 AM Anthem
8:45 AM Sedenary Play-In Round
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game P 16v17
District 5 Court (2) Game T 15v18
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game R 13v21
Court 4 Game V 14v19
Court 5 Aleks Bomis Alumni/Staff Game
Court 6
10:00 AM Sedenary Play-In & Octonary Round
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game S 12v21
District 5 Court (2) Game W 11v22
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game U 10v23
Court 4 Game Q 9v24
Court 5 Game H 1vP
Court 6 Game L 2vT
11:45 AM Octonary Round
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game O 6vW
District 5 Court (2) Game N 3vV
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game M 7vU
Court 4 Game K 5vS
Court 5 Game J 4vR
Court 6 Game I 8vQ
1:00 PM Quaternary Finals
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game G NvO
District 5 Court (2) Game F LvM
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game E JvK
Court 6 Game D HvI
2:45 PM Binary Finals
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game C FvG
District 5 Court (2) Game B DvE
4:00 PM The Ship
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game A BvC
5:15 PM Trophy
Savage Apparel Co Court (1)

Live Sunday Bracket Updates on theĀ Tournament Schedule tab.

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DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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