Nationals 2018 All-Star Announcement

The annual NCDA All-Star Game takes place at Nationals, which this year will be held at Virginia Commonwealth University.

This year, the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association will be changing the format for the annual All-Star Game. For Nationals 2018, there will be 4 All-Star teams competing in a single-elimination tournament, each game will be a one point sudden-death match.

How will the four teams be determined? That is another big change for 2018. This year, we will have four player-captains to draft the All-Star Teams.  These four captains will be selected in a unique way.

The captains will be decided by YOU, the fans! Voting will take place through our social media accounts which include: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Votes will be counted by the total number of posts containing the following hashtag #CollegeDodgeballASG[LastName] and by tagging the respective NCDA account. Here is an example.

Say you want to provide a vote for player “John Smith”, here is how it can look on each media:

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Each post counts as one vote.  This means that shares on Facebook, reposts on Instagram, and retweets on Twitter will also be counted as single votes.  Voting will take place over a 5 day period, starting on Monday, March 26 at 12:00 AM until Friday, March 30 at 11:59 PM EST.  The top four All-Stars receiving votes will be selected to be the captains for each team, and will draft at a later date in a snake-style format. Rack up as many votes as you can for your favorite All-Stars in hopes they get selected to be the first ever player-captains in NCDA All-Star Game history.  The list of eligible All-Stars can be found below. The top vote-getters will be announced on Saturday at 5:00 PM EST.

Additionally, teams will be playing under a modified ruleset based on this year’s rule and policy proposals.  This will include the following rule changes:

  • 27 Foot Throw Line
  • 1 Warning on False Starts per Team
  • No Running Starts
All-Star Game Participants:
Akron #Pfeifer #Briceland
BGSU #Wickham #Kowalski
BSU #Frye #Pressler
BW #Maag #Presby
CMU #Riley #Webber
CSU #Boehm #Bammerlin
DePaul #Scott #Atz
GSU #Frangi #Bullock
GVSU #Jonauskas #Meisel
JMU #Schilling #Eschenburg
Kent #Paalman #Haberman
Miami #Tyburski #Morand
Midland #Heyermann #Nelson
MSU #Schuster #KobinaOfori-Dankwa
NSU #Jones #Alfultis
Ohio #Hynes #Murdock
OSU #Starr #Hulbert
PSU #Saam #McLean
SU #DeJesus #Otchere
SVSU #Mize #Hazergian
Towson #Watt #Hinely
UCF #Culver #Kraus
UK #Parise #Kachelhoffer
UMD #Stock #Sullivan
UNG #Hankins #Clements
UNL #Obermeier #Bohlim
UVA #Durbin #Kelly
UWP #Martin #Ebert
VCU #Ota #Shortt
WKU #Wynn #Horner

Akron: Adam Pfeifer & Colby Briceland
BGSU: Tyler Wickham & Max Kowalski
BSU: Kevin Frye & Cordell Pressler
BW: Austin Maag & Daniel Presby
CMU: Mike Riley & Grant Webber
CSU: Eric Boehm & Jordan Bammerlin
DePaul: Alec Scott & Ryan Atz
GSU: Zachary Frangi & Austin Bullock
GVSU: Alex Jonauskas & Brandon Meisel
JMU: Doug Schilling & Evan Eschenburg
Kent: Tyler Paalman & David Haberman
Miami: Dominic Tyburski & Tom Morand
Midland: Alex Heuermann & Tyler Nelson
MSU: Payton Schuster & Daniel Kobina Ofori-Dankwa
NSU: Casey Jones & Casey Alfultis
Ohio: Adam Hynes & DJ Murdock
OSU: Jeff Starr & Jacob Hulbert
PSU: Jake Saam & Morgan McLean
SU: Kristofer DeJesus & Hayden Otchere
SVSU: Kenny Mize & Nick Hazergian
Towson: Jordan Watt & Michael Hinely
UCF: Samuel Culver & Ethan Kraus
UK: Zachary Parise & Evan Kachelhoffer
UMD: Nathan Stock & Shawn Sullivan
UNG: Bailey Hankins & Thomas Clements
UNL: Tanner Obermeier & Nick Bohlim
UVA: Zane Durbin & Ryan Kelly
UWP: Will Martin & Tim Ebert
VCU: Torao Ota & Wayne Shortt
WKU: Josh Wynn & Wilson Horner

MC, NIU, OS, Pitt, SIUE, UNT, UWW, WVU, and ZAG were not able to submit All Stars in time for the vote, but we are currently tracking them down for later inclusion in the rolls.

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