Nationals 2016 Hosting Bids

For Nationals 2016, there are three schools placing a bid to host: U of Maryland, DePaul U, and Bowling Green State U. I asked each to write out a little bit concerning their bid:

Following the NCDA’s voting policy, the vote will be preferential. Teams will submit their ballot by ranking each school in order of their preference. The most preferred school will host Nationals 2016.

Voting will run from today, April 20th to April 26th, or until each Member Team casts a ballot.

Example Ballot:

1. Delta
2. Miami
3. Oakland


<did not submit a paragraph>

BGSU previously hosted Nationals 2010.


Chicago is a transport hub with readily available options for teams to easily arrive at DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus via heavy rail, bus, car, or plane. As a destination, Chicago offers a limitless variety of lodging and social venues. Many alumni and guests can choose to make the Nationals event weekend a mini vacation with no shortage of stuff to do.

DePaul’s Ray Meyer facilities can be supplemented by the neighboring Sullivan Athletic Center (Women’s Basketball). Teams would have a cheaper event fee due to DePaul’s ability to secure funding for Nationals, as well as the stronger financial situation of the NCDA.

If there are any questions before you cast your vote, please let us know.


The University of Maryland Dodgeball team believes that Maryland would be the perfect place to host the 2016 NCDA Nationals Tournament. A huge reason is because it could help with league expansion along the east coast. Newer teams that could not attend this past Nationals would be more likely to attend, and having the Nationals experience would help keep them in the league permanently.

We also believe the Nationals experience would be much improved with the ability to hang out and socialize with other teams outside of the tournament. We believe the solution to that would be a closer location of hotels. At Maryland, all the Hotel/Motels are located no further than 2 miles from campus and other social facilities such as the bars. Not to mention, this could be a great place for people to take the metro (also located just 10 minutes away) and travel into DC if they would like to do so. If there is any questions or concerns regarding other “what-Ifs” I did not touch up on, please feel free to ask!

Maryland Dodgeball Officers

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