Mid-Season Recap: Central Region

We are halfway through the NCDA season and it is time to take a look at the Central Region and see where teams stand. Below are the standings for each team in the region.


  1. University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL)
  2. University of Wisconsin Platteville (UWP)
  3. University Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
  4. Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW)
  5. University of Wisconsin Stout (UWS)

Nebraska has dominated every opponent they have faced so far this season, earning a 5-0 record. They have beaten their opponents handily and have only given up 1 point to date. This keeps UNL as one of the top teams but they will be looking to compete against some tougher competition to prove that they belong on top. Hopefully, they can travel or some teams from the Ohio or Michigan can come out to the central region to give them the tests they are looking for.

Wisconsin Platteville has had a tough schedule to date, playing some of the best teams in the country in MSU, GVSU, and UNL. They are young and are looking to get more games in so that they can build up team chemistry in the hopes that they will finally be able to compete and win games.

Illinois and Concordia are still very new teams and are just trying to get their footing and figure out a strategy that works for them. As new teams, they have a lot of talent and have made some great strides. They just need to continue to get more games in and hopefully the wins will start to come for both.

Stout has yet to play a match this season, but they have a lot of recruiting to do still and they will finally see their first real action this semester as they are preparing to head down to Platteville and hopefully host an event.

Top Rivalry

The most notable rivalry in this region is between UNL and UWP and right now it is one sided with UNL winning most of the meetings between these two teams over the last few years. These teams have played each other three times this season and the Cornhuskers easily won all these matches. It looks like these teams could end up playing each other several times again this semester so we shall see if the Pioneers can turn it around and finally get a win against UNL.

Regional Cup Prediction

If this region is able to host a region cup this year, it is UNL’s to lose. Currently, the only team that will give them a fight is UWP and the Pioneers do not have enough talent to take a win from them yet. The rest of the teams in the central are still too new to compete with UNL and UWP so they will be competing with each other to claim third in the region and these will be some fun and exciting matches to watch.

All Central TeamWatch List

The following players are on the watch list to make All Central Region this season.

  1. Caleb Fowler (UNL)
  2. Noah Willey (UNL)
  3. Dillion Mundy (UNL)
  4. Alex Schmit (UNL)
  5. Noah Arent (UNL)
  6. Caleb Newell (UWP)
  7. Tomas Zander (UWP)
  8. Caleb Laux (UWP)
  9. Jalen Sims (UWP)
  10. Connor Knott (CUW)
  11. Paul Brock (CUW)
  12. Charles Cardenas (UIUC)

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