Is Dodgeball Sexist?

I love dodgeball with all of my heart but it seems to me that the NCDA is geared for the guys because most of the decision making is done by guys. Even the throws are geared toward a male grip. I wonder whether dodgeball could be a more diverse sport with a healthy mixture of males and females. Maybe it isn’t. The few girls in the NCDA may have to become guys to even be competitive. Also the fact that girls are vastly underestimated as players is bothersome mainly because I have been conditioned to pick out the girls as easy outs because thats what the rest of my team does. I have seen girls that have canons (due to softball I’m guessing). I’ve seen girls with great hands. I’ve seen girls that are great blockers (usually their main function). So why are we not seen as a player to look out for? We play just as hard as the guys and we deserve to be recognized for our efforts. Hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this sport is truly for the guys but I hope that in the future we can appreciate everyone no matter what kind of reproductive organs they have.

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