Dodgeball Bracketology

Using the standings and breaking teams up by region, here is what my guess is for the Nationals Saturday Pools#1 Seeds:

-#1 Kent State (21-7), #2 Kentucky (16-1), #3 James Madison (14-4-2), #4 Saginaw Valley (12-5-3), #5 Michigan State (11-6-3)

#2 Seeds:

-#6 Grand Valley (10-1), #7 Maryland (4-5), #8 Ohio State (4-7), #9 Towson (4-9), #10 Bowling Green (3-12-1)

#3 Seeds:

-#11 Western Kentucky (3-7), #12 Central Michigan (3-8), #13 Miami (3-12), #14 Wisconsin-Platteville (2-0), #15 Moody (2-5)

#4 Seeds:

-#16 DePaul (2-8), #17 North Texas (1-0), #18 Nebraska (0-4) #19 Northwestern State (0-1), #20 Penn State (0-0)

Now I have it set up so that teams cannot play schools from the same region in the Saturday pool. For example, GVSU isn’t in MSU’s or SVSU’s bracket because they are both from Michigan, and BGSU is not in Kent’s because they’re both in Ohio. DePaul is slotted two spots lower (16 to 18) than they would be, because of Moody being in a group.

And here are my groups:


Kent State, Towson, WKU, PSU




JMU, GVSU, Miami, DePaul


SVSU, OSU, UWP, Nebraska,



Thoughts? Comments? Predictions of your own? Comment on this post with anything you’ve got!

Author: hiller87

Former Captain of the MSU Club Dodgeball Team, former NCDA Chief of Content.

7 thoughts on “Dodgeball Bracketology”

  1. If these are the final pools, then I think pool C would set up overall the best matchups. All 4 schools have showed they can be succesfull this year, and a JMU vs GVSU pool play game could possibly be a sneak peak for a semifinal or even a final preview

  2. BGSU lost to CMU 2-1 at Swaginaw’s Tournament. I don’t understand why that has not been updated in their records and why BGSU is in front of CMU. Makes zero sense. And GVSU has played the best dodgeball of any other team in the state, makes zero sense other the fact that you are from MSU and made this so you clearly have a bias against GVSU who destroyed you guys at the MDC. And Kent State has lost 7 times….

    1. You have some great points Ben! Except we do the Saturday bracket based on NHL style “points” so while BGSU lost to CMU, they are currently 1 point AHEAD of CMU due to their OT loss to JMU. I agree about Grand Valley as well, but due to a lack of games played they are currently 5 points behind State for the 5 spot, and Kent does have the most wins this season despite 7 losses. Like I said, this was just my predictions on the way the tournament will look, but if you want me to I can go into greater detail.

      1. Okay that makes sense. I took a look at the Standings spreadsheet and Central Michigan is listed as the losing team against Bowling Green and BGSU the winner in the SVSU tourney. For points values for nationals that should be fixed in my opinion if things are to be fair. I trust your judgement with all of your picks and appreciate the time you put into them.

        1. Points wise that would move CMU from 12th with 6 points, to tied for 8th with 8 points. Not sure if you are in charge of that but it’d be nice to see it changed ya know?

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