College Dodgeball 2010-19 All-Decade Team

Below is the 1st Team All-Decade list, voted on by a panel of 12 individuals who played collegiate dodgeball between 2010 and 2019.

1) Kevin Bailey – Grand Valley State University

The final spot on the College Dodgeball All-Decade Team goes to Kevin Bailey of Grand Valley State University. Bailey joined GVSU in the middle of the biggest rebuilding period in program history. His rookie class, filled with talented and competitive players, came at the perfect time for GVSU. They pushed each other to become better players, and consequently several of them received All-American honors along with their national championship wins. Bailey took over as captain his junior year and focused on building his team through competition, both internally and externally. He genuinely believed that the team was only as good as the worst player so he actively worked to raise the talent level of everyone on the team. He also knew that real game experience was crucial to success and therefore nearly doubled the number of games GVSU played compared to previous years. A true all-around player, Bailey was a problem for his opponents on the court. The speed, movement, and accuracy on his throw was absolutely overwhelming. His superior blocking skills made him nearly impossible to hit with a ball in his hands, and in the rare instances where he would be without a ball, he was still extremely proficient at catching and dodging to save himself from being eliminated. What truly separated Bailey from the rest of the league, however, was his incredible awareness of the game. He was always in perfect position, he had the patience to wait for his opponents to make mistakes, and then he would quickly and efficiently capitalize. Bailey’s resume remains on a likely untouchable level. He is the only player in history to receive more than one Player of the Year award; he received the award 3 years in a row from 2014-2016. He won 4-consecutive NCDA National Championships (2013-2016), and was selected as an All-American each of those 4 seasons. The unanimously voted #1 player of the decade, Bailey is a current member of the semi-professional team Grand Rapids Dynasty.

2) Colin O’Brien – Michigan State University

Landing at #2 on the All-Decade list is Colin O’Brien of Michigan State University. O’Brien had an illustrious career (2013-2017) with the Spartans, leading many of the most successful teams in MSU program history. One of the most feared catchers in college dodgeball during his tenure, O’Brien had a knack for making a big play when someone threw in his direction. He also carried quite the load offensively for MSU, often being counted on to make many consecutive throws during tense moments in the game. O’Brien’s extremely accurate arm, amazing catching, and second-to-none survivability are what made him such a well-respected player in the NCDA, and he has the accolades to back it up. O’Brien is one of only two players ever to be named a 1st Team All-American 4 separate times. He capped off his career being named National Player of the Year in 2017, after finishing runner-up in that category the previous season (he remains the only Michigan State player to ever earn NPOY honors). O’Brien’s skillset and leadership were crucial in Michigan State’s success from 2013-17. During his time on the team, MSU finished as National Runner-Up once, and as National Semifinalists 3 times. The MSU Program enjoyed an era of consistently strong teams during his tenure, thanks in large part to the leadership and strong strategic mind of O’Brien. Colin O’Brien will not only go down as the most accomplished MSU player of all-time, but as one of the best players in college dodgeball history. O’Brien is a current member of the semi-professional team Grand Rapids Dynasty.

3) Brandon Meisel – Grand Valley State University

One of the most decorated players in the history of college dodgeball, Brandon Meisel comes in at #3 on the All-Decade list. The former Grand Valley State University star could do it all. Meisel had one of the strongest arms in the country, and paired that with extraordinary movement on his throw, making his ball near impossible to catch. Meisel also had incredible dodgeball instincts, so it should come as no surprise that during his tenure (2016-2019) he was always one of the most feared offensive players in the game. Meisel possessed great hands, and could be counted on to make a clutch catch whenever his team needed it. The GVSU star battled through a knee injury to be named 2016 National Rookie of the Year, but that was just the beginning for Meisel. He won 3 NCDA National Titles during his career, and went 4-for-4 winning the Michigan Dodgeball Cup. Meisel served as head captain for Grand Valley State for 3 seasons, earning 1st Team All-American honors each of those years. In 2018, Meisel finished just behind Central Michigan’s Michael Riley for National Player of the Year. In 2019, during his final season, he took home National Player of the Year honors, joining each of the two previous GVSU captains in earning that honor. Meisel is more than deserving of a spot on this list. He will go down as one of the best players in the history of the NCDA. Meisel is a current member of the semi-professional team Grand Rapids Dynasty.

4) Michael Riley – Central Michigan University

Landing at #4 on the College Dodgeball All-Decade list is Central Michigan’s Michael Riley. One of the best all-around players in league history, Riley had a special career for the Chippewas, making 3 All-American teams, and reaching the NCDA National Title Game 4 times. Riley was known for many things as a CMU dodgeballer: his incredible athleticism, his confident and composed leadership style, and of course his boisterous and often brash on-court personality. Riley was a handful for any opponent, with a lightning-quick sidearm release, amazing catching skills, and just overall fantastic dodgeball instincts. Few players have come through this league with as high of a dodgeball IQ as #11 from CMU. Riley was always an offensive weapon for Central Michigan, and one of the toughest players to eliminate in last-man-standing situations. Riley developed into a great leader and strategic tactician later in his career. He was a key part of CMU’s resurgence in the middle of the decade, as the Chippewas recovered from a few down years to make it to the title game 4-consecutive seasons. 2018 was Riley’s best season, as he earned National Player of the Year honors, leading CMU to a 28-2 record and a Runner-Up finish at Nationals. All in all, Riley will go down as a Chippewa legend thanks to the amount of success he had during his career. His resume speaks for itself, making him an easy choice as one of the top 4 players of the 2010’s. Riley is a current member of the semi-professional team Detroit City Notorious.

5) Mark Trippiedi – Grand Valley State

We are now down to our top 5 players of the 2010’s, and coming in at #5 is one of the most feared arms in College Dodgeball history: Mark Trippiedi of Grand Valley State University. Trippiedi, a former star for GVSU from 2011-2014 was a top player and great leader during his career. The 3-time All-American’s most well-known attribute was his power arm, thanks to throws upwards of 76mph. Along with a devastating throw, Trippiedi was also a sure-handed catcher and a player that could always be counted on to make a big play in a clutch situation. While his on-court skills are well documented and should not be overlooked, what many might not realize is how instrumental Trippiedi was as a leader. He took over as captain in 2012, when GVSU was in the middle of their longest title-less streak in team history, but thanks to Trippiedi’s guidance, in 2013 the Lakers were able to start what would turn into a 6-year national title run. Trippiedi earned Player of the Year honors for his performance in 2013. In 2014, Trippiedi stepped back from his role as head captain to help mold the next wave of leaders of the team, and he won a 2nd-straight national title on what many consider to be the most stacked GVSU roster of all time. Few players have as impressive a resume as Mark Trippiedi, who finished his GVSU career with 2 NCDA National Championships (2013-2014), 3 All-American distinctions (2012-2014), and 1 National Player of the Year award (2013). It’s safe to say he was a lock to make the All-Decade list, thanks to the success he and his team had during his tenure. Trippiedi is a current member of the semi-professional team Chicago Task Force.

6) Felix Perrone – Western Kentucky University

Felix Perrone of Western Kentucky University is the #6 player on the All-Decade list. One of the best College Dodgeball players of the early 2010s, Perrone was a strong player and leader for WKU. Known for his powerful lefty sidearm throw that was extraordinarily difficult to track in the air, Perrone was a crucial part of the Hilltopper offense throughout his entire career, often taking the majority of his team’s throws in a point. Arguably the most memorable moment from his playing career was in 2013 when he led WKU to a 3-2 overtime victory over defending champion Saginaw Valley State University at JMU’s BEAST tournament. In that match, Perrone pulled off a 1 v 8 comeback to win WKU a point. Simply put, it was one of the best individual performances in NCDA history. Perrone’s impact was certainly not limited to on court success. He was a great leader for WKU as both an undergrad and graduate student, and was Director of Nationals in 2011 (often regarded as one of the most well-run Nationals in league history). Perrone also has served the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association off the court, holding roles as Treasurer (2013-2015) and President (2015-2019). Perrone will go down as one of the best players in league history and is an obvious choice to make this list. He is a current member of the semi-professional team Columbus Gamecocks, and Treasurer for USA Dodgeball.

7) Camden Fullmer – Kent State University

Coming in at #7 on the College Dodgeball All-Decade Team is Camden Fullmer of Kent State University. Fullmer was a powerhouse for Kent State who developed into a star quickly. In just his second tournament, he ended a game against BGSU with 4-straight headshots. Fullmer played an integral role in Kent State’s success during the 2012 and 2013 seasons (both Final Four finishes for the Golden Flashes). He was a member of the Kent State crew who helped initiate and build up the NCDA’s East Coast Region, while also breaking the NCDA seeding system at the time (due to a record number of games played by Kent State). During those seasons Kent had a real shot to make the National Title Game due to the impressive amount of wins they amassed. Primarily a righty, Fullmer quickly developed a left handed throw that was almost equally as impressive so when his team needed him most, fatigue would not stand in his way. Fullmer held the role of Kent State co-captain (alongside the legendary Dan Shackelford) during his senior year and helped perpetuate the success of the team from a stark 3-8 record his freshman year to an impressive combined record of 71-21 in his last three years. He was also an important figure on the Kent State squad who achieved an NCDA-first of 20 wins in a single season (2012). In all, Fullmer earned 1st Team All-American honors 3 times in his career, including finishing #2 on the list in 2014. As a choice, Fullmer was a no-brainer when the voting committee was searching for the impressive candidates to make up this All- Decade Team for the 2010s.

8) Dylan Fettig – Grand Valley State University

The 8th spot on the College Dodgeball All-Decade list goes to Dylan Fettig of Grand Valley State University. Fettig put together quite the resume at GVSU during his career, which included undergrad (2010-13) and graduate school (2014-15). Known as a power arm for GVSU, Fettig was a crucial part of the Lakers’ success over the years as they were often one of the hardest throwing teams in the league. His dependable arm, and strong dodgeball instincts made him a very dangerous offensive threat throughout his collegiate career. When people wonder what has made GVSU such a long-standing powerhouse team in the NCDA, they should look no further than players like Fettig. He held a leadership role on the team for almost his entire career (Club President / Assistant Captain), and was a big reason why GVSU always seemed to be the most prepared / strategically advanced team in the country. GVSU’s program stability over the years is thanks in large part to Fettig, who played under 3 different head captains, and was instrumental in the recruitment and development of talent on the team over the years. He even transitioned into the role of coach for GVSU starting in 2016, helping lead several more Laker teams to National Championships. In total, Fettig finished his playing career with 4 NCDA National Titles, and 3 All-American distinctions, finishing as high as #2 on that list (2013). He leaves an incredible legacy behind as one of the most accomplished GVSU Dodgeball players of all time, and is a great choice to make this All-Decade list.  Fettig is a current member of the semi-professional team Grand Rapids Dynasty.

10) Spencer Jardine – Saginaw Valley State University

Landing at #9 on the College Dodgeball All-Decade Team is Spencer Jardine of Saginaw Valley State University. Jardine was a star player for the Cardinals throughout his career, helping build SVSU into an elite program during his tenure. Jardine accomplished many things at Saginaw Valley, with the most notable being the 2012 season. In 2012 SVSU was excellent, winning the Michigan Dodgeball Cup, and the school’s lone NCDA National Championship. Jardine served as Director of Nationals for the 2012 season, and was able to take down his rivals (GVSU) in a Final Four overtime thriller before dominating Kentucky to win the title in front of his home crowd. Jardine also earned National Player of the year honors that season. Jardine was one of the most exciting players to watch during his era, thanks to a powerful arm, and an unreal ability to make a difficult catch. He often would rack up multiple kills in a matter of seconds to swing the momentum of the game in his team’s favor. In all, Jardine earned 1 national title (2012), 2 runner-up finishes (2009 and 2014), and 2 semifinals finishes (2008 and 2011), along with two titles at MDC (2012 and 2014). Thanks to a career filled with so many accolades, Jardine is a great choice for the All-Decade Team!

10) Wes Peters – Central Michigan University / Michigan State University

Wes Peters lands at #10 on the All-Decade list after a successful career playing at both Central Michigan University and Michigan State University. Peters, a 3-time All-American, started out at CMU, and was known as a talented catcher early in his career. He helped the Chippewas win a national title in his first season (2011). While CMU went through a few tough seasons following that title, Peters was a consistent star on their team, and stepped up as a leader to help rebuild the program. Thanks to years of dedication on and off the court, Peters was able to lead Central Michigan back to the title game as a senior (2015), but his career was far from over. Peters attended grad school at Michigan State and competed for the Spartans in 2016 and 2017. During these last few years, he was able to reinvent himself as a player, becoming a dynamic offensive weapon, rather than just a feared catcher. Peters led Michigan State to two of their best seasons ever, as the Spartans reached the Final Four in both 2016 and 2017. Also worth noting, he guided MSU to their first ever win against GVSU in his first tournament on the MSU roster. In total, Peters has 1 NCDA National Title, 1 Runner-Up finish, and two Final Four finishes in his career. He is also the founder and current coach for University of Cincinnati.

11) Doug Schilling – James Madison University

“WE’RE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THEM” – Doug Schilling.  And indeed, he was so much better than them.  JMU has had a myriad of talented players come through their program but Schilling finds himself at the top of that list.  While playing for the Dukes, Schilling gained multiple accolades including 2 All-East Coast selections (2017-18), East Coast MVP (2018), and 3 First Team All-American selections (2016-18).  Like others on this list, Schilling had an excellent all-around skillset as both an elite thrower and catcher.  The southpaw had a rocket arm which few were able to (or even attempted to) catch.  Additionally, it’s hard to say that anyone has played the game of dodgeball with as much confidence and swagger as Schilling.  The trademark money sign after every kill to couple with the already incredible skill made him an intimidating and infuriating opponent.  Schilling also demonstrated great leadership while at JMU.  While a member of the team from 2014-2018, JMU went 64-21 which was the 3rd best winning percentage over that stretch, and he also led his team to an undefeated record against the East Coast in his senior season as captain.  The sheer dominance he displayed can’t be understated, making him one of this decade’s best.

12) Brent Gromer – James Madison University

Brent Gromer lands at #12 on the College Dodgeball All-Decade list thanks to a fantastic career at James Madison University. Gromer was part of the initial recruiting class for JMU that dominated the East Coast Region for four consecutive seasons. During Gromer’s tenure, the Dukes went from a virtual unknown to a national powerhouse, and he had a lot to do with that success. Gromer had one of the toughest throws to defend in all of dodgeball, with a natural over the top motion, and plenty of movement on the ball. On top of his physical skills, Gromer was also a great leader, helping build James Madison into one of the best programs in College Dodgeball. The Dukes improved each of his four seasons, and their results at Nationals show that. Gromer and JMU had Quarterfinals exits in 2012 and 2013, followed by Final Four berths in both 2014 and 2015. During this timeframe, JMU was consistently mentioned as one of the most feared teams in the country, loaded with talent, including star players like Gromer. He finished his career as a 2-time 1st-Team All American, earning that honor in both 2014 and 2015, while getting a 2nd-Team nod in 2013. Brent Gromer will go down as one of the best players in JMU Dodgeball history, and should be credited for helping build such a powerhouse program. He is more than deserving of a spot on the All-Decade Team!

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