My Central Region Overtime-6

The college dodgeball championship is right around the corner and the excitement heading into nationals is growing. Nationals will have some of the best games of the year, which means there is a good chance that we see overtime matches. Overtime matches usually constant of a team’s six best players on the court and they can be on the court for many different reasons. Below let’s take a look at some of the top players from the central region that I think you might want to consider having in your overtime six.

Connor Knott (CUW)– He may only be in his first year in the league, but he is the type of player that you would want in overtime. In a situation like that, you want a player that is determined and will to do what it takes for the team to win. Connor has been a great leader for the Falcons, as he is always trying to find ways to improve his team and make his teammates better. It is this type of mindset that can elevate your teammates to play their best, which couldn’t be more important in OT.

Caleb Newell (UWP)– As one of UWP’s top players, it would be smart to have him in your OT six. Caleb is extremely quick and has great stamina, Newell can make throw after throw or run players down time and time again. This is important as it makes him the distraction and draws all the attention on him to allow his teammates the opportuntity to get outs.

Colby Chohrach (UNL)– Chohrach is the Cornhuskers strongest thrower, which makes him a great asset to have on the court. He is the person that you want to give the ball to and have him throw at the attack line as his throw is deadly strong and makes it incredible hard to catch. His ball pops off the chest and not only that he has the ability to make some great catches when it counts.

Tomas Zander (UWP)-What makes Zander such a threat on the court is his ability to communicate with his teammates and make the calls on who needs to throw and at the right time. He is also very talented at being able to hold his ground and counter right as someone is throwing or right after they do. When you need a team throw, he is the person you want to throw with, very few people can do it better.

Tommy Eggert (UNL)– Tommy Eggert is one of the best all-around players on UNL’s squad. He has a throw that is sneaky fast and is very accurate. If you call his name, he can get you the throw your looking for, but what he really excels at is his ability to catch. He can do it from anywhere on the court and it doesn’t matter if it is high or low, he is going to go for the catch and will secure it. This is what makes it so hard to compete against him and can make him a threat where ever he is on the court.

Austin Kurey (UWP)-Austin Kurey is one of the most underrated players in the Central Region. On the court, he does a lot of the dirty work that does not always get seen by others. Kurey is able to provide ball pressure for his team, back players up, and plays extremely patient on the court, which in an overtime match is the type of play that is needed. When your low on numbers, he is the type of player that goes for the right catches and turns the point around so you are never out when he is still on the court.

Final Thoughts- Each of these players have unique talents that when brought together would make for a dangerous combination. These are just a few of some of the great players in the Central Region who are extremely talented and there are several others that are right there. Who would you have in your OT 6 from the Central Region?

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