2013 All-Star Game- The Brave Little Toasters vs The Monstars

The 2013 All-Star Game will be unique compared to the previous two All-Star Games. The first ASG (played at Nationals 2011) was Michigan vs The World, with Michigan picking up the win. The Michigan schools got on average six All-Stars, but the World schools only got two each. The game was one sided, with the Michigan schools dictating the game play and pace, and games were played during the second half. Still, it was a great first effort for an ASG, and it was enjoyable to play in and watch. The second All-Star game at Nationals 2012 gave teams All-Stars based on how successful they were during the regular season, and drew players out of a hat on which team they were on. While there was more parity in the game, it looked like the players weren’t as interested in the game. So Zac Brown (UK #13-C) has come up with an alternative for the next ASG.

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GVSU Champions at Nationals 2007

When the dust settled in East Lansing on Sunday only one team was left standing.  Ohio State’s 3-year dominance in college dodgeball has officially ended and the iconic scarlet and grey has been replaced with a single color Michigan teams have seen all too much of:


With an army of supporters and a 9-0 record the GVSU lakers clearly came into their final matchup with the OSU Buckeyes (7-2) on a mission.  A 3-1 decision and one silver trophy later, it’s safe to them to unfurl the “MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED” banners back in Allendale.  Next year’s tournament will be held in Columbus, Ohio.

2006-2007 results:

Bowling Green State University: 0-4
Delta College: 9-4
DePaul University: 0-4
Grand Valley State University: 10-0
Kent State University: 2-2
Kentucky, University of: 2-3
Marshall University: 0-4
Michigan State University: 8-5
Oakland University: 2-8
Ohio State University: 7-2
Saginaw Valley State University: 3-6