BOTM: 2016 October

Michael Hinely [Towson 7-A]

mike-hinleyThe October Baller of the Month has been awarded to Towson’s Michael Hinely.  The Junior serves as one of the Captains for the Towson Dodgeball Club, and has played a very big role in the continuous improvement and advancement of their program.  As a friend and competitor with Hinely over the course of our careers, I can personally say this was well deserved.

Hunter Ford:  First things first, congratulations on winning October’s Baller of the Month!  This is definitely a very special award, and one that I believe you have definitely earned.  So I’ll hit you with the tough question early, any thoughts about being picked as Baller of the Month?

Michael Hinely:  I’ve always wanted to be Baller of he Month, just glad to bring some more recognition to Towson Dodgeball.

HF:  You’ve always been a team player and I can tell once again from the response.  On that note, how do you think your role has changed when you first joined Towson Dodgeball as a freshman to where you are now as a Junior?

MH:  When I first joined I had no accuracy and was afraid to catch.  Now I’m our top thrower and the Captain of the team along with Jon Shaw.  I’m very glad to be where I am today.

HF:  I definitely have noticed the growth personally since I’ve played against you over the past 3 seasons.  What do you think have been the major keys to your development in becoming not only one of the best players on your team, but also in the league?

MH:  Honestly, we have very competitive practices and good coaching from our vets along with playing a lot more games since my Freshman season.  Practice makes all the difference in the world.

HF:  Absolutely.  During your time in the league has there been any favorite major moment of yours, and are there any teams you love playing against or would like to play against?

MH:  My favorite moment was when we played Ohio State my freshman year for our program’s first ever playoff win.  Now teams we love playing against are JMU of course and always VCU.  Now when it comes to who we want to play it’s Kentucky, that’s the only thing I’ve thought about since Nationals 2016!

HF:  I definitely won’t object to that response.  Your team has had massive success so far this season, currently sitting at 11-3 on the year and once again in a top 10 position in the league.  Would you say there are any major reasons for the hot start to the season?

MH:  The continuation of the rise of Towson Dodgeball goes along with the fact that we preach catching.  Also, with the early exit at Nationals 2016 we have built up a lot of fire ahead of this season!  We came out with a head of steam and will continue that trend through the second semester and into Nationals 2017.

HF:  Do you guys have any major plans for next semester in terms of travel or hosting tournaments in order to continue that upward trend you mentioned?

MH:  We are looking to host a tournament along with attending BEAST and also hopefully getting a bid to travel to Akron for their tournament in February.  After that, we will probably be playing once again at VCU and UMD.

HF:  In honor of one of your former teammates, Sean Smith, I have to ask this question: Who is your celebrity crush and why?

MH:  Kate Upton because of her tweets at the MLB LOL.

HF: Going forward do you have any personal goals yourself as well as for your team this year?

MH:  The only goal I have is getting this team ready for a Final Four appearance!  No other goals needed.

HF:  Any final thoughts?

MH:  I want to give a shoutout to our team for playing a record amount of games for Towson along with having the highest ranking for us ever, ready to break more records.


4 thoughts on “BOTM: 2016 October”

  1. Congratulations Michael and to the team. I really enjoyed watching you play at UM in October. I am happy that you enjoy the game so much. Can’t wait to see more. Grandmom

  2. I can personally attest to the impact that this man has had on our team this year. He has easily been the best all around player on Towson’s team so far, and I would also like to add that it is an extremely close race for top player on the East Coast between Mr. Hinely, and Doug Schilling of JMU. There should be no debate as to whether or not Mike is an All-American come year end. He is easily a top ten player in this league, and it’s not even close.

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