BOTM: 2012 November

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing with Billy Cameron, Kent #3.14 and November’s Baller of the Month for the NCDA. His blocking abilities and dedication has helped Kent State stay an ever incredible force. Check it out after the Jump. 

ZM: Mr Billy, you are a crucial veteran for Kent State Dodgeball. Of your opponents throughout your dodgeball career, name your favorite team to play against.
BC: I have played against most of the teams in the League and they are all very fun in different ways. If I had to pick favorites, they would be the Ohio State Dodgeball Syndicate and the University of Kentucky. Both are very good teams that have been some of my favorite games to have played in.

ZM: You’re considered by many Captains to be quite the Blocker, and possibly a key tactic in Kent’s victories. What say you to this accusation?
BC: I do think that I am good at blocking but I don’t think that I am the most important player. The guys like Camden, Dan and Josh who go up and throw, and trust me to protect them so they can get back, are just as important to Kent winning, and particularly in the late game more so than I am. Still it does make me smile a bit to know that other teams have thought I am a key player.

ZM: How do you think you’re play stacks up in the bigger picture?
BC: I think that my play is an important part of the big picture. I don’t get very many tags and a catch for me is incredibly rare. I often go a whole tournament with out one, but I like to think that I am good at making sure that my team mates will make it back to the back line and be ready to push up again as soon as they have a ball.

ZM: Well Kent has been a force in the rankings for much of this season and the last season, consistently ranking in the top of the Standings and playing oodles of games in the meantime. 16 games in 9 weekends.
BC: That’s true. We are really proud of how much we have grown as a team in the past few years.

ZM: How do you think Kent, as a team, has coped with three dodgeball events in three weekends, on the road?
BC: I think that we have coped very well. We have an incredibly dedicated group of people who care more than the rankings, who just love to play dodgeball every chance that we can get and with as many different people as we can.

ZM: The State of Ohio has a strong dodgeball tradition with two long time programs in Kent State and the Ohio State Dodgeball Syndicate. What do you feel is Kent’s place in whole scheme of collegiate dodgeball?
BC: I would like to think that both teams in Ohio will continue to grow. As for Kent specifically I think that this year we will only continue to get better as we play more games and continue to refine our game. Plus with all the experience that our new guys have been getting in the last two years, and will keep getting, as well as the incredible development they have shown, there is no reason to think that we will be going down in the rankings anytime soon and I expect to see us only go up.

ZM: and of rivaling Michigan teams?
BC: Michigan has incredible teams. It is not a coincidence that they have won the National title so many times. That being said I think that as other states grow more and more, like Ohio – Kentucky – Virginia, we could see the total domination by Michigan come to an end. I hope to see the title leave Michigan before I graduate at the end of next year.

ZM: And to sum it up: Which should I use for this month’s BotM image… one in which you are wearing Kent #3.14 or DePaul #8?
BC: Haha. This is probably the hardest question of them all, and while I whole heartedly love DePaul and am very proud to wear the Jersey, I’ll have to go with my Kent 3.14 as I believe that I am currently the only person in the League with this number.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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