Battle of the Midway- Preview

This Saturday, November 3, 2018 at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, the teams of the Midway Conference will go head to head in the Battle of the Midway. The teams in attendance will be Platteville (UWP), Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), DePaul University, and UWP Alumni. The games will be played at the Williams Fieldhouse (350 Jay St, Platteville, WI 53818).  See the schedule below.

Time Court 1 Court 2 Referee
8:30a.m. UWP SIUE DePaul/ UWP Alumni
9:45a.m. UWP DePaul SIUE/ UWP Alumni
11:00a.m. SIUE DePaul UWP UWP Alumni UWP
12:15p.m. SIUE UWP- JV DePaul UWP Alumni UWP


Erik Zander- The games this weekend will be fun and entertaining to watch. This time around SIUE is coming in with more experience than they had before and are ready to get some matches in.  Playing them last time was a blast, and I’m expecting the matches to be a good time once again.  DePaul will be themselves as usual and Platteville will use these games to prepare for their tournaments over the next two weeks.  It is all about building up our new guys to get the experience they need to compete at a high level.

Erik Zander- What are your thoughts for the tournament on Saturday?

Matt Bautch (UWP Alumni)– It’s always an interesting time when us alumni players come back to our old stomping grounds. All the young guys might say that we’re washed up but we have some fight left, just need to work off the rust. We look forward to seeing where the club has gone since we left and learn how the style of play has changed. Our arms may not be as strong as they use to, but we will sure put up a fight and try to go home with sore arms and a W.

Erik Zander- What do you expect to see and learn from this tournament?

Austin Kurey  (UWP Captain)- I expect to learn how SIUE and DePaul play this year.  I am excited to see if their paces have changed, if they have more power throwers, and if they have improved upon their catching ability.  Overall, I think it will be really enjoyable this weekend.

EZ- Who do you expect to be a big part on how well the team performs?

AK- I expect Erik to play a large role this weekend.  It will be his final year this year, and there has been a fire lit under him because of this.  He seems like he has the ability to take over a game this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that on Saturday.

EZ- What do you expect from your freshman?

AK- I expect to see the freshman play hard.  For many of the newcomers, this will be their first tournament experience.  I feel that they have been developing nicely and have really begun to understand how to play.

EZ- What is something you want us to know about your team?

AK- If someone were to tell me to describe our team, I would tell them we are full of energy.  We have plenty of youth on this team, but we also have a lot of graduates that want to do really well throughout this year.  I cannot wait to see how we adjust throughout the games, and how we progress throughout the year.

Final words

The Platteville Dodgeball Club will once again be live-streaming the games for everyone to watch on the Dodgeball UWP facebook page.  Hope you can watch and good luck to the other schools playing tomorrow too!


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