Beltway Bash 2.0 Post Tournament

Towson, MD. – Burdick Hall in the Beltway Bash

JMU: 2-0
UMD: 1-1
TU- 0-2

JMU def. UMD 4-0
JMU def. TU 4-0
UMD def. TU 2-1

This Saturday marked the beginning of another chapter in the rivalries of the three east coast mainstays. James Madison came out on top yet again, with Maryland coming in second, and Towson on the bottom. The games were hard fought, heated, and very entertaining for those in attendance.

James Madison: The Dukes came out with yet another strong performance this weekend. Winning both matches in convincing fashion, both scores being 4-0 shutouts, the freight train that is JMU just keeps on rolling. In all honesty I’ve run out of things to say about this team. It’s hard to find a player on their team without an above average arm, they all seem to catch very well, and they block well as a team too. I almost feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but JMU is just that good. Personally, I can’t wait to see or hear about this team matching up against other teams in the NCDA

Maryland: UMD proved yet again today why they are one of the best teams on the rise in the league. I didn’t get a chance to see their game against JMU, but I heard that in the first half they didn’t play as well as they could, but cleaned it up in the second half. Knowing that, it’s never fun to lose, but there’s nothing negative to be said about losing to the Dukes. In their second game, Maryland played well against Towson, coming back from multiple situations where they were down a large player count to hold on for the 2-1 victory. It’s hard for me to say exactly where I’d rank them in a power ranking since they haven’t played anyone outside of the EC, but if I had to take a guess I’d put them in the top 6-7 teams in the league.

Towson: Though Towson lost both games today, repeating their record from their trip down to JMU in September, the improvement of the Tigers was evident. First, though we got shut out by JMU, knocking the score down by two points and putting up a stellar fight in every point is a great sign for TU. The match between Towson and Maryland was a good game for both teams. Towson showed some flashes of just how good we could be, Maryland was just better than the Tigers though today. With this team’s Achilles heel continuing to be catching, it’ll be fun seeing how far Towson can go this year assuming their able to fix that up some.

It’s well known that the Michigan region is the best overall conference in the NCDA, that goes without saying. But the East Coast region has been rapidly improving and is not longer just the “JMU and who else plays over there?” region. I wish more teams were closer to us, giving us a chance to play more of the league, but until we get the chance to, I know these three teams will keep beating up on each other while improving the whole time.

Point Duration Stats

Point 1 – JMU 12:05
Point 2 – JMU 20:19
Half Time
Point 3 – JMU 36:11
Point 4 – JMU 47:21
Full Time

Point 1 – JMU 10:04
Point 2 – JMU 20:45
Half Time
Point 3 – JMU No Time Given
Point 4 – JMU 21:34
Full Time

Point 1 – UMD 10:23
Point 2 – UMD 23:21
Half Time
Point 3 – Towson No Time Given
Full Time


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