Ballot Results for the 2023 Season

Below are the results of the preferential election for the 2022/2023 NCDA Rulebook, select Policies, and 2023 Executive Board. The Rulebook is scheduled to be released prior to the start of the 2023 Season.

Nationals 2023

Here were the final results for Nationals 2021 selection:

Ohio University – 1st Round

Ohio University has been selected to host Nationals 2023.

Executive Board


Dylan Greer (OSU) – 1st Round


Erik Zander (UWP) – 1st Round

Director of Officiating

Dylan Fettig (GVSU) – 1st Round

Director of External Affairs

Colby Briceland (Akron) – 1st Round

Director of Internal Affairs

Kathryn Mays (OSU) – 1st Round

Director of Records

Hunter Ford (VCU) – 1st Round

Rule Proposals

R.1) Two Back Line Judges Required for Every Match

Yes, Two back line judges will be added as Assistant referees for every match

Executive Board Overrule 5-1, one abstaining
No [Current], Only one Head, Assistant, and two Shot Clocks will be required for every match

*Editor’s Note: There is no current limit on the number of officials that may officiate an NCDA match, so member teams are still able to add referees to a match at their discretion

R.2) Players May Enter the Court While Possessing a Dodgeball

Yes, a player is eligible to re-enter the court while possessing a dodgeball

R.3) Assistant Refs Will Have the Same Responsibilities as the Head Ref

Yes, An Assistant Ref will carry the same responsibility as the Head Ref

R.4) Recently Eliminated Players May Forfeit Dodgeballs in Their Possession to Teammates

Yes, a recently eliminated player can roll their possessed ball(s) back towards their teammates or baseline

R.5) Update to the Shotclock Violation Penalty

Yes, a Shotclock Violation call will result in a team forfeiting all but two balls in their possession (or all if possessing 2 or fewer)

R.6) Update to Required Ball Count at Tournaments

Yes, Teams will be required to bring 7 balls to a tournament

R.7) Timeouts Will Stop the Count on a ‘Rolling Clock’

Yes, any timeout will result in a ‘rolling clock’ to be stopped

R.8) Substitutions May Only Be Made During a Team or Injury Timeout

Yes, only a team timeout or injury will allow a team to make a substitution

R.9) Requirement for the Head Referee to Maintain at Least One Dodgeball in Their Possession

Yes, the Head referee must always maintain an extra ball in their possession

R.10) Redefining the Start of a Team’s Shotclock

No, the shot clock will begin when the third ball enters the team’s zone (Current)

R.11) Shotclock Referees Will Be Allowed to Call False Starts

Yes, the Shot Clock referee will be able to make false start calls

R.12) Redefining ‘Captains’

Yes, all Captains will carry the same responsibilities

R.13) Update to Simultaneous Last Player Out Rule

Yes, if the last two players are out simultaneously they will reset with their balls to their respective baseline

R.14) Ability for All Officials to Confer on a Call

Yes, all referees may discuss a call during an official timeout

Policy Proposals

P.1) Switch to the Hybrid Ranking System (70% Gonzalez, 30% NHL)

Yes, Switch to the Hybrid Ranking System (Gonzalez & NHL)

P.2) Update to the Early Withdrawal Requirement

Yes, teams may withdraw from an event with no less than 7 days

P.3) Executive Board Establishment of ‘Regions’ Prior to Each NCDA Season

Yes, the NCDA Executive Board will be required to establish ‘Regions’ before each NCDA Season

P.4) Restriction on Team Requests for Nationals

No, Teams may request any opponent regardless of region (Current)
Member Team Tie: 9-9
Executive Tie Break: 4-3

P.5) Requirement to Submit a Bid to Host Any Trophied Event

No, there is no requirement for teams to submit a bid to host a regional trophy event (Current)

P.6) Requirement for the NCDA Executive Board to Officiate the Championship Match

Yes, the Members of the NCDA Executive Board will officiate the Championship match at Nationals

Survey Results

How many members of your team played in NCDA matches throughout the 2021-2022 Season?

18.94 players on average, 19 players at median

How many played their last matches prior to Summer 2022?

3.83 players on average, 3.5 players at median

Election Details

18 Member Teams submitted a ballot, 23 Member Teams had voting rights. Quorum of 12 reached, election is valid. Majority target is 10 if no abstentions on a proposal. Super majority target is 14.

The Executive Board has elected to use veto rights on the following Policy Proposal:
Two Back Line Judges Required for Every Match

A recall ballot for the proposal has been issued and will need a super majority of 3/4s vote by Member Teams to overturn the Board’s decision.

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