How Can Each Michigan Team Win MDC

By Kenneth Mize (SVSU)

Every team has a chance to win this tournament for the first time in a long history of MDC’s. Numbers 1-3 and 7th ranked teams will be in attendance. Each team is on a different path that has led them to this tournament. This is a short article describing where these teams are and what they need to do to win.

The 2017 MDC will be one of the most intense tournaments in the history of this prestigious tournament.

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Grand Valley State Gauntlet IV

Grand Valley State Gauntlet IV
Preview and Predictions
Attending Teams: GV, SV, MSU, and CMU

Grand Valley

gv The Lakers have been everything as expected with a four time defending national champion. Led by Captain Brandon Meisel and the presence of Aaron Terenzi the Lakers have jumped out to a 3-1 record. Their lone loss coming to MSU in their first game. This season was looking to be a different story than in years past for the Lakers after they dropped the opener. Since then they have not only won but dominated.  Continue reading “Grand Valley State Gauntlet IV”