My Ohio Overtime-6

Below is Leo Rockamore’s Ohio Region OT-6:

  1. Brett Liming
  2. Ryan Ginsberg
  3. Cory Heitmann
  4. Terence Checkett
  5. Ryan Engleman
  6. Clay Egleston

Brett Liming

Brett Liming

The OG Bearcat. The NCDA Slim Reaper. Brett Liming has been putting on a show and half this year and is a huge part of Cincinnati’s success this year. In their right corner Brett has done it all. He’s known for being a fierce weapon on offense, whether on the front line or in transition; but is highly underrated in his ability to catch and survive in clutch situations. Whether racking up kills in transition, picking opponents off on the cross, or snagging a catch out of a team throw, Brett is a major threat to anyone he faces. I would even go so far as to say he’s the most complete player in the league right now. Don’t take your eyes off the Slim Reaper.

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Voices of the NCDA: Torao Ota

Torao Ota, a former member of the NCDA, will describe his experience as a minority player in the league.

Leon Rockamore Jr (CSU): What got you started playing dodgeball?
Torao Ota (VCU): I really liked dodgeball back in the day when I was in middle school and I was stoked to find out that people were playing dodgeball at the VCU gym.

L: When did you play in the NCDA?
T: I played all 4 years when I was at VCU from 2014 – 2018.

L: Do you still participate in the NCDA even now?
T: I don’t but I love watching the highlights that the NCDA makes from time to time.

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Voices of the NCDA- Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen is a former player of the NCDA, and current captain of the team Final Justice. In this interview, he will talk about his experiences as an Asian-American player and member of the community.

Leon Rockamore (CSU): What got you started playing dodgeball?
Kevin Nguyen: Gym class. We had a class called team sports where we would play 4 out of 5 days. I met former MSU captain Ian Childs there and he later on invited me to MSU practices after he started attending college.

L: When did you play in the NCDA?
K: I started practicing with the MSU team my senior year of high school. Continued that until I played at CMU during the 2015 and 2016 season.

L: Do you still participate in the NCDA even now?
K: Yes. I have been an advisor/mentor to the MSU team for the last couple years.

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