AJP #39: Towson Edition

33013_logoJoin Sean Smith and Jonathan Shaw as they recap early season action and preview upcoming tournaments!



Author: ssmith19

Former Captain and Vice-President of Towson Dodgeball. Sporting #19, Sean's talents as a content writer range from previews, interviews, postgames, and excessive uses of both satire and sarcasm. Also, he is the first person to bring some much needed East Coast flavor to the NCDA site.

One thought on “AJP #39: Towson Edition”

  1. Great job guys. Entertaining as always. You guys made some great comments on all of those games despite not being there.

    A couple comments: Matt Bautch from UWP was probably the most valuable player in the building for Gauntlet #1. Both SVSU and GVSU had trouble with him both throwing and catching. That’s why he (spoiler alert) won Baller of the Month.

    Kyle Foster was not in attendance at Gauntlet #1, but he will be there this Sunday for BOTV. And Miller’s first name is Andrew. Him, Bernabe Salinas, and Putnam gave us headaches in that game.

    I look forward to seeing how the first East Coast tournament plays out this year. Good luck to everyone involved!

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