AJP #34: Officiating and the 2014 Rulebook

33013_logoIn a short episode of AJP, Sam and Zigmas layout the changes in the 2014 Rulebook, as well as a small chat about Officiating. The League is always improving day by day.

Includes a shameless plug of having your own personal NCDA Rulebooklet! It’s easy to read and only $5!


Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

3 thoughts on “AJP #34: Officiating and the 2014 Rulebook”

  1. I disagree with two of the rules you guys discussed.

    When a timeout is called, all balls in the air should not be considered dead. Ex: Team A has one person in while Team B has more than one. Team B has all the balls due to a shot clock violation and is trying to get Team A’s one man out. Team B all run up at the same time and launch all the balls. Team A’s captain is sitting on the sideline and just before the player gets hit, he calls timeout. By the rule we have in place Team A’s player would not be out even if 10 balls were 5 feet from hitting him. I believe that if you have your throw off before the whistle is thrown then it should be considered a legit throw.

    The second is the shot clock reset rule. I don’t remember this rule being brought at Nationals to be changed. I don’t ever remember seeing or reading the rule that the ball had to enter the LAZ in order to reset the shot clock.

    Just my thoughts, let me know what everyone else thinks.

    1. Disagree with the second point you make, that’s always been the rule, it just hasn’t been fully enforced. For example, a ball leaves your hand at 14.5 seconds, which leads to a shot clock being reset. However, that ball does not land anywhere near someone, or you throw from your own baseline at 14.5 seconds, get it to the other baseline, but that throw takes 2 or 3 seconds. It’s easier to just say it needs to get into the LAZ by the 15 clock, and it makes it way more fair.

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