AJP 2016-05-04: Of Schedules and Nationals Hosts

Our first recorded podcast after Nationals. As Mario has headed back “weast”, we use the four prospective National 2017 hosts as springboards for cerebral road tripping, voting rights rambles, and Eastern team travel restrictions. Not to be underdone¬†after discussing the four bids, we launch into a small preview of the proto-scheduled events of the fall. Name your events cool stuff so we may be entertained!

We go over my 30 minute limit, and it really kills me because of the rendering time. We’ll have to cut our existential rants in the future. Enjoy!


Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

6 thoughts on “AJP 2016-05-04: Of Schedules and Nationals Hosts”

  1. Question for about 2:45 or so into the podcast. Since RIT didn’t pay dues, they don’t get member voting rights for things like rule changes, nationals host, etc right? That’s what you meant by that?

    So does that also hold true that since first year teams are not required to pay dues, they also are not eligible to vote on the aforementioned topics?

    In the constitution it lists that a team need only be considered a “member team” in order to be able to vote on things.

    Therefore, I suppose my true question lies in whether a team needs to pay dues for the year to be considered eligible for voting purposes for that year/up until the start of the next season/when they next (or for the first time) pay their league dues.

    1. Or is the whole thing that “first year teams don’t need to pay dues” because that is simply league policy for first year teams to help them get on their feet, ensure they stick around, etc SUPERSEDE the idea that a team needs to pay its league dues in order to be considered a “member team” for that year and obtain voting rights?

      1. The definite spirit behind not charging dues is to make sure teams stick around and such.

        We still prepare invoices for every single team. BW even paid 2016 dues even though they were within the waived period.

    2. RIT is considered a non-member because they haven’t paid dues for the 2016 Season, but they were required to, and they are past the defined waived fee period. So they don’t get any of the benefits of being a Member Team. There is a small list of those diverse benefits and it has been expanding over the years, but the main important one we are discussing here has to be voting rights.

      Retaining voting rights is a benefit of being a Member Team. The League Membership Fee is actually waived for new teams for a certain period, but once they play the Induction Match they become a full Member Team with all the voting rights gained therein. There’s no distinction that you must pay dues to vote.

      Pitt hasn’t played an Induction Match so isn’t able to become a Member Team until this happens, so they do not have voting rights. But if they play a match in October, they will have voting rights because they become a Member Team.

  2. DePaul Dodgeball will be hosting the inaugural #ChicagoCombine next Fall. Put it in the records, Zig.

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