2019 Executive Board Election

There are three positions on the eight Director Executive Board that need filling. Following the NCDA’s voting policy, the vote will be preferential.

Teams will submit their ballot by ranking each candidate in order of their preference. The three most preferred candidates will be offered the respective position on the Executive Board.

Captains, submit your team’s ballot via Google Forms:


Voting will run from 2018-06-26 until 2018-06-30. The new board will be announced no later than 2018-07-01, with the start of the NCDA fiscal year.


Open Directorships (three available positions)
– Kevin Bailey
– Colby Briceland
– Hunter Ford
– Jacob Leski
– Brandon Meisel
– Erik Zander

Candidate Campaign Paragraphs

The following contains paragraphs from each candidate seeking a position on the Executive Board. If you have any questions for the candidates, let them know or post them here!

Open Directorships

There are three available positions. Ballots will rank the six total candidates in order of preference. The three most preferred will be elected.

Kevin Bailey (GVSU Alumni)

My name is Kevin Bailey, and I would like to remain a member of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association’s Executive Board to continue our forward momentum building the sport of college dodgeball. My primary focus on the Executive Board will be our content creation on our website, social media channels, and more. I hope to continue to grow our influence on social media through an increased emphasis on video, especially live video. I also would like to continue to legitimize our sport through our consistent content on the NCDA website. I am qualified to once again be a member of the Executive Board because I have several years of experience helping run the NCDA through my role of Chief of Content.

Colby Briceland (Akron)

Hello, my name is Colby Briceland and I am running for a position on the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association Executive Board. I want to be on the executive board because I love this sport and I want to see it grow, even more so than it has already. I will end my collegiate career after this season, depending on how challenging Law School is for me, and I want to continue my tenure in the NCDA, but as a member of the eBoard, and not as a player. I want the next generation of NCDA members and captains to have a great eBoard and I believe that I will be a great addition to an already stellar executive board.

My primary focus would be to expand on the tremendous job that Jacob Leski has done, but hone in more on the teams that need recruiting assistance, I would travel to different schools, have calls with them and do anything I can to help new captains, or struggling programs to grow and flourish. I would also help to grow the league by finding us partnerships and sponsorships such as hotels, food, and other companies that would help the league as a whole. I have some experience with getting sponsorships and partnerships to help my team, so I’m going to use that to expand our league, while assisting teams as much as I can with recruitment.

I feel like I am qualified to represent the NCDA because of my great people skills and the respect that I have for the league as a whole, and it’s individual players and teams. I look forward to representing the league even when I’m done as a player. Thank you.

Hunter Ford (VCU Alumni)

First off, I would like to thank Colin O’Brien as well as others who were interested in nominating me to be on the ballot for the 2018 NCDA Executive Board.  Over my time in the league I have had the opportunity to learn a lot and accomplished a good bit both personally and for the league as a whole. Even while I am done as a player, I know that there is more I can give to this organization and ways I can impact it positively.  As such, becoming part of the NCDA eBoard gives me the best opportunity to create that positive impact in the immediate future.

If I am selected to be an eBoard member, there is a lot of areas where I want to contribute.  Primarily, I want to focus on improving the financial health of the organization, and find new ways for the league to generate income so that we can expand our offerings to member teams.  While that may be my primary focus, going forward I want to contribute in many other areas as well, including alumni relations, helping with league expansion, and continuing to contribute to the content team.

As I said, my primary goal is to improve the financial health of the organization and I have specific goals in mind to improve both the NCDA and our member team’s finances.  These are the specific areas I want to focus on:

  • Creating a partnership with a travel company to provide discounts on travel vehicles
  • Creating a partnership with a hotel company to provide discounts on hotel travel
  • Creating a partnership with a dodgeball manufacturer to provide discounts on dodgeballs
  • Generate annual sponsorships with nationally recognized businesses

I have contributed to the NCDA in many ways even during my brief time as a leader for VCU and the NCDA.  These contributions have been above and beyond the expectations of many. As the former Director of Nationals, I was able to promote Nationals 2018 on various recognized platforms including ESPN Radio and NBC.  Additionally, I was able to find partners for Nationals which resulted in the tournament generating a positive net revenue for the first time in many years. As a content member for the past two years I have contributed over 50 articles on the NCDA website and have participated in many livestreaming shows as well.  While participating as a league ambassador I helped out with numerous new teams and helping developing their programs. This even included travelling to tournaments this past season when my team did not participate to help officiate including PSU’s Rally in the Valley and UNG’s Gold Rush. My dedication to the league and its betterment has already been demonstrated in many ways, and the reasons above represent why I believe I can continue to be a great asset to the organization.  

Jacob Leski (CMU Alumni)

I want to first start out by saying thank you to those that voted for me in my last election two years prior to where we are now, and to my Ambassadors and fellow E-Board members that helped me to do great things while I was in office. Thanks to you giving me the opportunity to take over as Director of League Expansion and Retention, I was able to pursue my goal of expanding this league considerably. We are larger than ever before, and with the right leaders involved, can continue to expand at the rapid rate we are currently progressing. There are many reasons why I want to continue working on the NCDA’s Executive Board, and why I believe I am the most qualified & experienced for this position, but I will try to keep my reasoning as brief as I can.

Why you want to be on EBoard?
The four years that I played in the NCDA consist of some of my favorite moments from college. Now going into my third year as an alum of CMU, I still have the same passion and drive to get this league to a point where we are able to have conferences due to an exponential amount of teams in each region. The system (along with the Ambassador program) that my team and I use to attract new schools to the NCDA has proven itself worthy. That same system helps teams to complete the necessary steps to become a club at their respective school, and allows them to recruit in a manner that encourages students to come out and give the sport of dodgeball a real chance. My goal is to continue my role as the NCDA’s primary recruiter, to continue to develop the Ambassador program, and to continue our expansion on the West Coast. The relationships I have built with upcoming schools, our most recent member teams, and with our current captains are what inspire me to continue working with student athletes at the collegiate level.

What will your primary focus be?
My primary focus will be to stay on as Director of Recruitment and continue my work with the NCDA’s alumni population. I will continue to build the Ambassador program that I built two years ago, and continue to work on relations with alumni, to further their involvement in the NCDA throughout the regular season and at Nationals.

What do you hope to accomplish?
My plan is to expand the amount of schools we have in four primary areas: The northeast, the south, the great plains, and the west coast. The past two years we have done an outstanding job of connecting the midwest to the east coast, with that said, there are still many schools that have to travel an extremely long distance to compete with other schools, such as our schools on the west coast, UNL, UCF, UNG, NSULA, and even the forgettable UNT. The goal is to connect these schools with teams closer to them so that their programs do not die out from a lack of competition.

What qualifies you to represent our organization?
Prior to serving as an NCDA Executive Board member for two years, I served as CMU’s primary recruiter for the 2013, 2014, and 2015 seasons, along with serving as team President in 2014. When I took over as the main recruiter, CMU’s program was at an all-time low, having gone to National’s the previous year with only 10 people, and returning only 5 players CMU was close to being defunct. Since 2015, CMU has made a finals appearance every season, all teams consisting of many of the players that I had the pleasure of hand-picking.

Prior to taking over as Director of Expansion in 2016, the NCDA (in its 12 seasons) had 23 active member teams, along with 14 defunct/inactive clubs. On average we had 2 teams join the NCDA, and 1 drop per season. In the 2 seasons I have been in my position, we have added 16 member teams along with zero defunct teams to this point. I am an avid supporter of the staff that works under me, and give much credit to those that have assisted me consistently throughout these past two years. The system many of us have fought hard to create is working efficiently, it’s up to you as a captain to give my staff and I the opportunity to continue the work that we are doing.

A very big thank you to the following member teams, and their leaders that worked diligently with me to get this league to where it is, and congratulations for starting your very own club.

Jacob Leski


Brandon Meisel (GVSU Player)

Brandon has a video.

Erik Zander (UWP Player)

Why you want to be on the eBoard?

I have been involved with the league for many years and have been active with it since the start.  I love the game of dodgeball and the NCDA and want to continue to be a part of growing the sport for the future.  Being on the board, would allow me to continue to help make changes for the betterment of the league and to make sure that more opinions are heard from around the league.       

What your focus will primarily be?

My primary focus will be helping continue to expand the league and make sure the league can keep up with the expansion.  I will work to find ways to keep the new teams included and to keep conference teams connected. I will work to get teams to travel to more tournaments and to travel longer distances for tournaments.  The hope is that with more teams traveling and playing a variety of teams with different skill sets and levels the quality of play should continue to increase.

What you hope to accomplish?

As a board member, one of the main tasks that I hope to accomplish is achieving ways to get more active members of the league involved with the day to day tasks of the NCDA organization.  The current members already do so much to make what the league is today, and it is all on their own free time. It would be nice to lighten their workload up so that they can focus more of their attention on tasks that they have been wanting to accomplish.  Also, eventually these individuals will move on from these positions so having more people with experience and knowledge of what needs to get done will make the transition for new members easier going into the future.

What qualifies you to represent our organization?

I feel that I’m qualified to represent this organization as I have been involved with several organizations in college and have held several board positions in these organizations.  I have been a part of the NCDA content team for a few years, so I know what goes on with the organization and what tasks must be accomplished. I work hard and always accomplish the tasks that are assigned to me.  Also, with obtaining a degree in project management, I have learned various techniques and procedures that can be used to keep projects moving forward and keep the league moving in the right direction.

About the Executive Board

There are three open seats and each of these three holds voting power on the Executive Board. The Exec Board is flat entity, so votes hold the same weight between all directors. Everyone is required to help out and contribute. However, each director has an area of responsibility which the League can rely on to carry out its needed activities. Need to file taxes? Boom, Treasurer is responsible to make it so.


Member Teams are left to their own devices to determine their preferences. However, some teams in the past like to run their own mini-preferential election within the team. Some may have each officer submit a preferential ballot. Some have their entire club membership vote. Let me me know if you would like this. I can count those in our voting program and deliver your team’s preferential ballot through that process.

Alumni Member Representation

Starting with the 2015 Executive Board, the NCDA has determined that the special relationship with Alumni in our League warrants representation. To this effect, the Committee of Alumni Relations was established, and Alumni may cast ballots for the election of the Executive Board. These ballots will be collected, counted and then a single ballot submitted as the same status as a Member Team. Valid Voting Alumni must be greater or equal to half of Valid Team Ballots in order to count.

It’s my hope that this rewards, in a way, the contributions of this group to the NCDA, and that it promotes future contributions, voices, and working hands to help guide the NCDA.

Alumni may vote using this form: https://goo.gl/forms/0WbbjbMy8PrLjwLw1

2019 Executive Board Results

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