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We’ve got a special treat for all of those in the Michigan Region today!  Just as each team throughout the nation voted in their All-American list a few weeks ago, each team in the Michigan Region also sent in a list for the (first ever) All-Michigan Team.  Well, the votes are in, and here are your results (including a tie for 1st on the list!):


T-1: Nick Hazergian (SVSU)

Hazergian finds himself tied for the top spot on this list after a great season.  From the start of the year Nick was the top guy on the SVSU roster.  His throw is one of the most feared in the NCDA, and his catching has improved dramatically.  Look for Nick to be near the top of this list once again next season.


T-1: Mike Riley (CMU)

Tied with Hazergian at #1 is Mike Riley from Central Michigan.  One of the most athletic players in the league, Riley plays with a level of confidence matched by few.  I look forward to seeing Mike consistently making a major impact for CMU next season as he takes over the role of Captain for the Chippewas.  If Riley leads CMU back to the title game, he is my early favorite for 2018 MVP.


T-3: Colin O’Brien (MSU)

The league MVP this season finds himself at the #3 spot on this list.  O’Brien helped lead MSU to a near upset of GVSU in the Final Four this year, and along the way had another solid season.  O’Brien graduating will leave quite the void at MSU.


T-3: Wes Peters (MSU)

Wes Peters ties for 3rd place on this list after arguably his best season in the league.  While he didn’t get to go out with a National Title in his last year, he did have a strong enough season to be recognized as #5 on the All-American Team in #3 in the Michigan Region.


5: Kyle Bruce (SVSU)

Kyle Bruce is no longer an under the radar guy in the NCDA.  The well-rounded player from SVSU has earned the respect of his opponents, especially those in Michigan who ranked him #5 on the All-Michigan Team.  I am really excited to see how much he continues to improve going into next year.  A one-two punch of Hazergian and Bruce is nothing to mess with.


6: Aaron Terenzi (GVSU)

Aaron Terenzi finished off his last season in the NCDA with undoubtedly his best performance.  The senior leader for GVSU was all over the court at Nationals , and was instrumental in GVSU coming away with a 5th straight title.  This clearly caught the attention of his peers, as he comes in at #6 on the All-Michigan list.


7: Brandon Meisel (GVSU)

Brandon Meisel had a solid first season as captain, overcoming injury and adversity to win the National Title.  With one year of leadership under his belt, I expect a lot more success coming next season for the Lakers.  For now, Brandon gets to celebrate being 1-for-1 as Captain at GVSU… when it comes to winning Nationals, making the All-American Team, and now, making the All-Michigan Team.


8: Shane Willette (CMU)

Shane Willette takes the #8 spot on this list after a solid senior season.  Shane developed over the years into a very dangerous player for the Chippewas.  He is one of the top athletes that CMU will be charged to replace heading into next season.  Easier said than done.


9: Ian Ryan (CMU)

Ian Ryan, another Chippewa, grabs the 9th slot on this All-Michigan list.  Ian is a well-known guy in the Michigan Region, and someone who the Chips can always count on to make a big play.  If he comes back for another season it will mean big things for CMU.  Ian is a large part of their offense, his arm could be crucial to their success next year.


10: Ray Franklin (GVSU)

Ray Franklin comes off a stellar performance over the second half of the season to snag the #10 spot on this list.  His throw power is second to none in the NCDA right now, and his ability to make big plays certainly has caught the attention of people across the country.  One of the quickest improving players in the Michigan Region, I expect Ray to jump way up this list in 2018.


11: Ben Tubergen (GVSU)

Ben Tubergen takes the 11th spot on this list,as the fourth Laker chosen.  Some people may not realize that Ben was actually voted team MVP at the end of the season.  While his opponents ranked a few GV guys ahead of him, that shouldn’t take away from the solid season the Ben had.  One of the most important pieces to GVSU’s championship run, when Ben was playing well, the Lakers were unstoppable this season.


T-12: Alex Holzgen (CMU)

Central Michigan’s Alex Holzgen ties for 12th on the All-Michigan Team.  Alex is one of the more balanced players in the entire league when it comes to the ability to make strong throws along with have the skills to catch tough throws.  While he will graduate without a title, he still made quite the impact for CMU.  A catalyst to their offense during their 3-year run of title game appearances, Alex leaves with a solid legacy.


T-12: Alex Zajac (MSU)

Michigan State’s Alex Zajac ties for the 12th spot with Holzgen after a solid season.  Zajac did a great job helping lead MSU all year as they came so close to breaking through and winning a title.  Known for both his strong arm and clutch catches, Zajac is another guy that will be missed next season for MSU.


14: Zach Bachner (CMU)

Zach Bachner of CMU comes in at #14.  Bachner, known mainly as a catcher, had a strong year both catching and throwing for CMU.  Arguably the most consistent player on the roster, Bachner was extremely valuable for the Chips this season.  Zach was certainly a big reason why CMU was able to rebound from a poor start to the year to eventually making it back to the title game.


15: Cody Putnam (SVSU)

The last spot on this list goes to none other than Cody Putnam.  The veteran from SVSU admittedly didn’t have his best season as an individual, but that was due in large part to the laundry list of injuries he had to endure.  I have high hopes for Cody going into next season.  I expect this guy to heal up a little bit over the summer, and come back prepared to preform like the dominant player that we all know he is capable of being.


Honorable Mentions:

Lucas Salinas (MSU)

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Shawn Mendes?  I’ve put a lot of thought into this over the past year, and now am making it public knowledge.  Lucas reminds me of Shawn Mendes.

Kenny Mize (SVSU)

Talked a big game this year, and for the most part he backed it up.  Made a massive improvement this season as both a catcher and a thrower.  His best year yet.  Interesting note: he thinks disc golf is cooler than dodgeball…

Logan Rohloff (GVSU)

Biggest regret of his career should be the fact that he never transitioned from glasses to athletic goggles during competition.  That would’ve been such a strong style choice.  Would’ve been iconic.

Noe Galaviz (MSU)

Extremely talented guy.  Fun fact: He grew up in Texas so close to the Mexican border that in high school him and his friends used to drive to Mexico during lunch period.  Probably got some great food. I’m jealous.

Kameron Caldwell (MSU)

I’ve spelled this guy’s name wrong so many times that I have triple checked it and still don’t feel confident right now…

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

2 thoughts on “2017 All-Michigan Team”

  1. No disrespect at all to any Michigan player when I say this but I believe Zach Bachner should’ve much higher. He is probably the best catcher I have ever seen. What makes a good catcher is the amount of catches they make over the course of a game. I have seen this man get 5 catches in a row when he was the last player to completly take over point that was lost. Great watching you play but I am happy i no longer that to throw against you.

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