2014 All Star Selection!

Captains, please get your All Stars together. Please submit 4 players by April 1st.

Please choose 4 players that best represent your team. (I’d recommend having your club perform a preferential vote)

True All Stars are welcome, these are the male AND female dodgeballers that are the best representatives of your team, in whatever way you want to represent that (competitive, great attitude, leadership, trick shot master, etc).

The NCDA is a coed League: do not skip out on the Lady Dodgeballers just because they also have their own Ladies game. If they deserve it they would be in both games. In that same light, do not leave out a player because you don’t want them to get hurt, or too tired from an extra 30 minutes of play. This is not in the Spirit of the Game! This is fun!

The All Star Game format is still to be planned. But it will be fun. And for now, it’s likely that the All Stars will be receiving similar shirts as to last year.

Email this to the League:

  • Name
  • Shirt Size
  • Number
  • Year
  • Playstyle
  • Photo/Headshot

*For those teams that aren’t playing at Nationals for whatever reason, you are included too! We are opening up the All Star Game to have 4 players for every NCDA Member Team. For example, Davenport might bring 4 people to help officiate/spectate/socialize. As long as they meet the NCDA Rules on Eligibility, they can play in the All Star Game!

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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