2013 All Stars

The 2013 All Star Draft will be held live in a Google Hangout, recorded, and uploaded to YouTube after. See the Captains and Nationals bossman Zac Brown pick their teams.

Check out your 2013 All Stars after the jump:

  • Alex Swedowski (UWP #3)
  • Alex Higbee (UWP #20)
  • Justin Hastings (UWP #00)
  • Erik Zander (UWP #93)
  • Troy Dixon (DePaul #25)
  • Anthony Netzel (DePaul #5)
  • Brian Van Meter (DePaul #91)
  • Mario Romanelli (DePaul #85)
  • Sam Clark (Miami)
  • Jeff Jarret (Miami)
  • Rory Stitzlein (Miami)
  • Steve Meyer (Miami)
  • Max Siler (SVSU)
  • Spencer Jardine (SVSU)
  • Grayson Hood (SVSU)
  • Myles Shepard (SVSU)
  • Kevin Miller (MSU #46)
  • Alex Acton (MSU #72)
  • Mike Van Ermen (MSU #6)
  • Zach Bauer (MSU #17)
  • Joe Tobin (Towson #5)
  • Jon Shaw (Towson #11)
  • Sean Smith (Towson #19)
  • Trevor O’Loughlin (Towson #1)
  • Dan Grainger (OSU)
  • Jeff Star (OSU)
  • Nick Fausnight (OSU)
  • Josh Laney (OSU)
  • Mark Trippiedi (GVSU #8)
  • Dylan Fettig (GVSU #24)
  • Jeremy Stempky (GVSU #15)
  • Kevin Bailey (GVSU #4)
  • Marteece Pennington (NSULA)
  • Eric Citizen (NSULA)
  • Caleb Strange (NSULA)
  • Miles Brown (NSULA)
  • Camden Fullmer (Kent #13)
  • Mitch Malleo (Kent #8)
  • Josh Sayre (Kent #89)
  • Dan Shackelford (Kent #33)
  • Bryce Corrion (CMU)
  • Brett Hadwin (CMU)
  • Wes Peters (CMU)
  • Tyler Frank (CMU)
  • Alex Sorrels (WKU)
  • Evan BemusĀ (WKU)
  • JD GIllam (WKU)
  • Johnny Thacker (WKU)
  • Jake Ochoa (MAD #3)
  • Luke Aubrey (MAD #13)
  • Ryan Pattison (MAD #10)
  • Amelio Lopez (MAD)
  • Jake Triplett (BGSU)
  • Tyrell Smith (BGSU)
  • Evan Freer (BGSU)
  • John Hartzell (BGSU)
  • William Deutsch (PSU)
  • John Malone (PSU)
  • James Klingermann (PSU)
  • Kenneth Russ (PSU)
  • Brent Gromer (JMU #00)
  • Chris Hess (JMU #5)
  • Brett Ireland (JMU #20)
  • Andrew Hassett (JMU #35)
  • Brandon Engleman (UK #23)
  • Drew Greenawalt (UK #37)
  • Eric Davenport (UK #9)
  • Tyler Harp (UK #11)

The captains of the two All Star teams are Felix Perrone (WKU) and Dan Shackelford (Kent) for the Brave Little Toasters, and Sam Hiller (MSU) and Zigmas Maloni (DePaul) for the Monstars.

The draft will take place Thursday night, as the 68 players will be split up evenly into two teams. Who would you take #1?

Author: hiller87

Former Captain of the MSU Club Dodgeball Team, former NCDA Chief of Content.

9 thoughts on “2013 All Stars”

    1. We are going to have a teleconfrence on Thursday night for the selection. We can probably find some way of updating the site as it happens. (9:15 EST)

      1. We could tweet the picks, maybe a couple of rounds per tweet. I think we’re working on getting this recorded. either audio for an AJP special or a google plus hangout!

  1. So, half of the captains are All Stars… and they’re both on the same team… How is that going to work? Monstars get the first two-three picks?

    1. Well I definitely wanted to play, since I wasn’t playing any games at Nationals. If Sam and I were considered already on the roster, that would work out, and satisfy the tradition of Player-Captains practice we have in the League already.

  2. WKU and Kent can just pick one more All Star to replace Dan and I on the master list. Or MSU and DePaul can get rid of one of their All Stars on the master list and replace them with Sam and Zig. I’m more in favor of the first suggestion.

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