The List

Just a good amount of what needs to be done, not a complete list. Last updated 2013-11-11

Average Joes’ Podcast:

  • AJP Guidelines: Average Joes’ is the overarching podcast brand of the NCDA: categories of the show make it AJP vanilla AJP (numbered episodes) is hosted by regular hosts. Alumni have special edition/category (i.e. AJP: The Aluminati Edition). Teams have other names, etc. All posted under the AJP category on the site.
  • Guidelines – Intro, ten seconds in fade and have a 15 second introduction of the hosts.
  • Guidelines – Teams hosting Average Joes’ Podcast
  • Guidelines – production of typical AJP episodes, directory of sound effects, etc.
  • Fix errors in files, Episodes: 02.5-sample rate to 22/44Khz 14-missing 15-Next ID3v2 frame 16-Next ID3v2 frame 18-Next ID3v2 frame 19-missing Live Episode 2 – missing
  • Tag past episode posts with relevant tags
  • Develop vector for AJP Logo
  • Make 1400×1400 AJP Logo for iTunes
  • Forum: Guide on a typical episodes, sound goals, content standards, etc.

Alumni Support:

  • Purpose: To help support current NCDA players into successful careers regarding their degrees, if possible, and suppling information regarding the options for continuing to play dodgeball: either in professional leagues, local pick up play, or open adult tournaments.
  • Join the NCDA Alumni facebook group
  • Dodgeball Nation (replaced Midwest Dodgeball)
  • Pro: UDL, NDL, others?


  • Upload PDF to Recruitment folder, distribute to the email contact list


  • Pages highlighting key events of the NCDA, more events can be added as we go along. To start would include CDO, MDC, Battle of the Valleys, Bluegrass, etc.
  • Requires a home/directory page, listing events.
  • Each page lists winners, contenders, history, address of usual venue, trophies, etc in a reproducible and standard format.


  • Graphic identity (colors, any available vector graphics) and arrange a Team Identity Reference manual [current txt] [MAC teams]
  • Gather vector logos of every team logo


  • Broken Link Checker Plugin: Fix broken links
  • Update WordPress and plugins as needed

Nationals Data:

  • Post: 2012 Results (in gdrive)
  • Post: 2012 Booklet (zm folder)
  • Post: 2011 All Stars of MI v the World: Similar gathering process
  • Post: 2011 Results (in gdrive)
  • Post: 2011 Booklet (zm folder)
  • Posts:2005-2010, fill out results
  • Contact OSU, MSU, GVSU, BGSU for past Nationals results and/or team results.

Nationals 2013 & Minisite:

  • Fix header with attending teams.
  • Post rosters
  • Post All Stars + Logo (make logo)
  • Post Lady Dodgeballs in the Ladies’ Match
  • Post Officials [School] [Head Referee, Timekeeper, etc]
  • Post Alumni Attended
  • Post Captains’ Meeting Brief
  • Post Recap


  • Article on NCDAcom
  • Script for Officiating Mechanics video
  • Add an Officiating section to the Equipment page: Links to whistles (fox 40?), referee style shirts, card sets, link to rulebook too.

Posts (site):

  • Research older team’s school newspapers and such, post related articles in the Press category by post dating to publishing date. See category for details.
  • Vanguard template, change old paper posts to this
  • Intern: Recruitment Coordinator
  • Intern: PHP developer, ad hoc
  • Call for Content to be discussed in the Captains’ Meeting
  • Series: Local Rulesets (DePaul, Kent, etc), including interviews with reps
  • If applicable, separate articles for Gladiator, Freezeball, etc.
  • 2014 Predictions: Get predictions for each upcoming match, find schedules, code/set up spreadsheet with auto point calculation
  • more…

Posts (forum):

  • [placeholder]


  • Recruitment Records – a list of schools and data related to their contacts. Forum thread.
  • Fill in data by researching each school’s website, seeing if there is student organization related to dodgeball, whether Club Sports or other categories.
  • Add current NCDA member teams.
  • Add past school and contacts from the email, under recruitment label.
  • Post: How recruitment has been done
  • Post: Future strategy / possibly east coast strategy (Sean)


  • Ongoing: NCDA Records 2014Update with played matches and new schedules
  • Ongoing: Until plugin coded, manually update recent box score widgets
  • 2005-2010 records population, gather and input.
  • Contact older club sport departments for old general records (DePaul complete)

Ratings Percentage Index:

  • Application using Ruby on Rails
  • NHL, WLP have been coded.
  • Code Lieblich, Perrone, Gonzalez
  • See Lieblich’s RPI code


  • Alternative discussion by forum
  • Code to spec: RPI or other similar decided upon for Nationals.


  • Nationals Statistics, scan in note cards, ask for any still floating around


Usual updated information between seasons.

  • Rulebook
  • Gather Team Bios and Contact Info (forum thread)
  • Use Forum Thread to update Memberlist, Bio Pages, PDF
  • Staff for next year (interns for summer if applicable)
  • Alumni to FB Group
  • New Team Officers to FB Group
  • Recruitment Packet Update
  • Team Map
  • Site Header Logos
  • Budget
  • League Dues

Team Bio Pages

  • Setup pages for old, defunct, and inactive teams as a reference
  • ONGOING: Update information 1-2 times a year
  • Make sure all Pages are in a uniform style: Site, FB, Twitter links
  • Gather and Create Uniform specs for every team.
  • INFO: Club Name, School Name, Acronym, Month/Year Founded, Date Joined NCDA, Logo (Vector), Bio paragraph, Contact email & phone number


  • Gather dodgeball videos from member team accounts, add to favorites.
  • Make playlists by season, games from 2011-12, etc.
  • Make a playlist of quick 30 second ish plays, [highlights]
  • Make a playlist of top NCDA highlight plays with the most views
  • Update Nationals 2013 video descriptions to a common format [result of game, where, round, etc.]
  • Officiating Video – See Officiating heading.
  • Dodgeball Stretching Video?
  • Camera Angles typed manual (Bomis may have extra input to include)

NCDA Constitution:

  • Being written in a Gdrive Document
  • Type out outline
  • Transfer written Articles from other marked constitutions.

Identity Guidelines:

Graphic identity (colors, any available vector graphics)

Member Team Identity Reference Manual [current txt] [MAC] [Big Ten]

File Nomenclature
Baller of the Month
— School Media Posts (Newspapers)

Social Media
— YouTube

Filming Dodgeball
Camera Angles

Brand Guidelines:


Average Joes’ Podcast
— Average Joes’ is the overarching podcast brand of the NCDA: categories of the show make it AJP vanilla AJP (numbered episodes) is hosted by regular hosts. Alumni have special edition/category (i.e. AJP: The Aluminati Edition). Teams have other names, etc. All posted under the AJP category on the site.
— Intro, ten seconds in fade and have a 15 second introduction of the hosts.
— Teams hosting Average Joes’ Podcast
— production of typical AJP episodes, directory of sound effects, etc.

Policy Guidelines:

Reporting after the Match
G-Drive Sheet
— Ratings Percentage Index

Member Teams
League Membership Fee
— JV and B Teams
— Forfeits and dropping out of teams (Bomis or Raymer have original doc)

Inventory: Update forum inventory with new additions in the email version. Post as a site page.
Coordinating an NCDA Event


  • Design of template
  • Creation of child theme
  • Change footer text
  • Transfer to theme Twenty Thirteen?

Home Menu

Become a Team, Rulebook, Video, Forum, Results, Events, Map, Contact

Site Map

  • Index: Map, Box Scores, Nationals, Teams, Search Bar, Social Media, Articles, Video, Forum
  • Results/Records: Current, Past, Recent Box Scores
  • Rulebook: Casebook, Abridged, Download, House Rules, Mini-Games
  • Team Bio Pages
  • Recruitment: Packet Info, Benefits, Responsibilities, How To Guide
  • Contact: NCDA (email, social media, inventory) Become a Team, Member Teams, Upcoming Teams
  • Nationals: Tourney Procedure and Tradition, Capt. Meeting, Past Results, Champions, Nationals 2011, Nationals 2012
  • Shop: Team Apparel, Rulebook, Websites
  • Resources (kinda like a site map for need to know stuff