James Madison University Club Dodgeball

Founded in 2010
Joined the NCDA in November 2011
Harrisonburg, VA

School Founded: 1938                                                                                                     Type: Public                                                                                                                     Motto: Knowledge is Liberty.                                                                             Undergraduate Students: 19,927                                                                                             Fight Song:JMU Fight Song                                                                                              Other Athletic Conferences: NCAA Colonial Athletic Association

Host of BEAST, the largest NCDA tournament on the East Coast.
2011 National Quarterfinalists as a first year team

JMU Club Dodgeball is one of JMU’s newest club sports that offers a physical and social outlet to a co-ed environment that benefits the team, the University, and the Harrisonburg community. JMU’s rivalries are just beginning to take shape as a second year team, but matches against Towson or Maryland get intense; The Dukes also begin play with in-state rival VCU in the 2012 season.

Contact President Chris Hess, or Vice President Ben Sizemore [] if you have any questions or inquiries!
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