DePaul Dodgeball Society

Founded in Fall 2000
Founding Member Team of the NCDA
Chicago, IL – Ray Meyer

Established: 1898
Type: Catholic
Motto: “I Will Show You the Way of Wisdom”
Undergraduate Students: 16,498
Fight Song: DePaul Blue Demon Fight Song
Other Athletic Conferences: NCAA- Big East

Traditionally hosts the Chicago Dodgeball Open, the sixth CDO will be held in January. Additionally, DePaul Dodgeball hosts the May Day Dodgeball Rally after Nationals. This event is conducted in a hat tournament style, with a general invitation to anyone to play. Other events include numerous cross town matches with our good friends at Moody Bible Institute, including the Battle of the Brown Line and the Chicago Crusades.

DePaul Dodgeball is proudly co-ed, the oldest team in the League, and predates the NCDA. DePaul has also been steadily involved in refining NCDA policy. To note a few contributions, its members have drafted numerous rulesets and introduced the idea of using an NHL-style point system for season wins.

Nicknamed the Court Jesters of the NCDA by their peers, DePaul plays the game as our childish forbearers did. Our games are a juvenile program of delinquency, where the headshot hug rule substantiates our collegiate goals and ambitions.

DePaul Dodgeball remains Undefeated.