Power Rankings: Preseason 2018

The National Collegiate Dodgeball Association’s 2018-19 season kicks off this weekend with events happening in several different regions.  As we prepare for the new season, it’s only right to take a look at the college dodgeball landscape right now.

Below is the official 2018 Preseason Power Rankings list produced by NCDA Executive Board members Jacob Leski (Director of Recruitment and Retention), and Kevin Bailey (Chief of Content).  Please keep in mind: these power rankings have no impact on the actual NCDA Standings. Continue reading “Power Rankings: Preseason 2018”

2018-19 Season Predictions

It’s almost that time of year again.  As schools get back in session all across the country, the anticipation continues to build for another season of collegiate dodgeball!  As we approach the new season, a few members of the content team have provided their predictions for how this year will play out in the NCDA.  Take a look at their predictions below:

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My Dodgeball Story: Nathan Council (SVSU)

I approached Kevin a while ago (he probably stopped believing I’d actually write this) about telling my Dodgeball Story. I read some of the others that have been submitted this summer and it made me want to tell mine. I know there is a story inside of me but I have been struggling with how to tell it. How do I tell my story which is personal but also make it meaningful, insightful, and at least somewhat entertaining to the people reading it that do not know me? I decided to simply go for it and not worry about it. Selfishly, I’m telling this story in hopes that I can move on. I’m hoping that once I am finished I will feel a sense of closure. Closure that I have been missing since I left SVSU in 2014. Continue reading “My Dodgeball Story: Nathan Council (SVSU)”

My Dodgeball Story: Sean Smith (Towson)

It seems all too common for dodgeball stories to begin with an obscure story about how an individual discovered the sport on their college campus. This story will be no different.

Before moving in to campus as a freshman in Fall 2011, I knew I wanted to play a club sport, but I wasn’t sure which one or how to even get involved. The smart kids went on Towson’s website and researched this type of thing, meanwhile my lazy behind decided to just show up and hope I could figure it out. Little did I know my laziness would actually turn out to be the best thing of my first year at Towson.

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2018-19 Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25

We still have several months before the 2018-19 College Dodgeball season kicks off, but it’s always nice to start speculating for the coming year.  Listed below is my way-too-early top 25 for next season:

1) Grand Valley State

Six straight national titles and counting.  GVSU returns all but two starters in 2018-19, making them a very easy choice as the preseason #1 team in College Dodgeball.  The Lakers’ roster is absolutely loaded with talented veterans heading into this season.  I have a hard time envisioning this team losing too many games this year, as the gap between them and the second best school seems wider than in recent years.  In fact, the last time a team was this big of a favorite heading into the season was probably GVSU back in 2009?

2) James Madison

I’m buying into the hype for JMU this year.  They have a deep roster filled with athletic players.  The missing piece last year was just that they lacked coordination and strategy in some big games.  Now that this team has more experience under their belt, I expect them to be a much improved group in 2018-19.  Don’t be surprised when James Madison goes undefeated against East Coast opponents all of next year, and challenges for a national title in the spring.

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BOTM: 2018 May

Aaron Krafft – GVSU Assistant Captain

GVSU won their 6th-straight National Title a few weeks ago.  Junior Aaron Krafft has his best performance of the year at Nationals, and it was enough to earn him Baller of the Month!  I chatted with Aaron about everything from his mindset, to his favorite dodgeball memories, to which Disney movies he thinks are the best.  Read our interview below:

Kevin Bailey: First off, congratulations on wining Baller of the Month.  How does it feel to cap off the season with a National Title and a well-deserved BOTM distinction?

Aaron Krafft: Thanks, Kevin. Winning the National Title this year was unlike any other year because of what we went through this season to get there. Outside of MDC, we never played to our potential but at Nationals we played better than I thought was possible. As far as BOTM goes, I’m honored to be chosen because I know there are lots of others worthy of the distinction.

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2018 College Dodgeball All-American Team

The National Collegiate Dodgeball Association continues to expand at a rapid pace.  As the number of teams and players in the league increases, so does the competition to make the All-American Team.  As we have reached the end of the 14th season of College Dodgeball, it is time to announce the players who have earned a spot on this year’s list.  Congrats to all the fantastic players on this list.

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2018 All-South Team

The South is a new and rapidly expanding region in the NCDA.  Outside of the Kentucky schools, the league has not had much growth in the south until recently.  Now, there are active teams in Louisiana, Georgia and Florida!  Despite half the southern schools being in their first or second year in the league, there was plenty of talent throughout the region.

Here is your 2018 All-South Team:

MVP: Kyle Dattelbaum (UNG)

Kyle Dattelbaum caps his final season with North Georgia as the Most Valuable Player in the South Region.  That is quite the honor, and one Kyle is more than deserving of.  First off, Kyle was a heck of a player on the court.  He has a fantastic arm, and is very accurate with where he places his throws.  On top of that, Kyle has a knack for avoiding team throws and making clutch catches, and can often be found leading a comeback point for his squad.  Kyle will leave a great legacy behind as he graduates.  He has been a catalyst for the growth of the South Region over the past few years, not just by founding the club at UNG, but also assisting in the recruitment of Central Florida to the NCDA.  Kyle’s leadership will be missed next season for UNG.  As will his stellar skillset.

P.S. His jersey has been officially retired from use at UNG.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

2. Thomas Clements (UNG)

Thomas Clements had quite the breakout performance at Nationals 2018, proving to the rest of the league that he is a top player in the South Region.  Thomas has a very solid arm, and can be counted on to make a big catch, but on thing that sets him apart from other players is his anticipation and instinct.  If you ever watch Thomas play dodgeball, he looks like a natural out there, as he moves up and down the court making plays in transition with incredible efficiency.  As Kyle Dattelbaum Graduates, Thomas will likely be the new face of the UNG program, and the key to the team’s offensive strategy.  I expect big things from the man with the mullet next season.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

3. Zach Frangi (GSU)

Frangi was Mr. Irrelevant in the Nationals 2017 All-Star Draft, but this year he has been anything but irrelevant for GSU.  The current assistant captain of the team played a big role in helping Southern get their first wins in program history this season.  With a combination of deceptive athleticism and elusiveness he can get balls for the team when they need it, and has a strong while accurate throw to compliment. He is graduating this year, so GSU will surely miss his on-court leadership, but he has definitely helped light a fire for the future of the program.

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2018 Women’s All-American Team

College Dodgeball is a brutal sport to play.  And yet, the NCDA has plenty of tough, talented female ballers across the country who excel in this difficult form of dodgeball.  This year, we saw many female players in leadership roles with their clubs, and many more earning spots on their team’s starting lineup.  The women of the NCDA continue to prove they can compete with the best players out there, and it has never been more clear than this season.  This year’s All-American list is loaded with talented, smart, and passionate players.  Listed below is your 2018 Women’s All-American Team:

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2018 All-Michigan Team

The 2017-18 season was another dominant one for the Michigan Region.  All four Michigan schools advanced to the Quarterfinals at Nationals, with three making the Final Four.  With so many great teams in the region, it is no surprise the All-Region team was a difficult one to earn a spot on.  As you will see below, there is plenty of talent on this list.

Here is your 2018 All-Michigan Team:

MVP: Mike Riley (CMU)

Mike Riley capped off his career at Central Michigan with his best season yet.  The veteran captain for CMU led them to a #1 ranking in the fall, and they held that spot for the majority of the season.  Riley is a great player, with many strengths.  His release is as quick as anyone’s in the game, making his already fast throw that much more dangerous.  On top of that, Riley has an incredible knack for making catches.  His overall agility makes him very difficult to hit even when he doesn’t have a ball in his hands.  Any time Riley was still on the court this year, CMU had a legitimate chance to win the point.  All in all, Mike Riley is one of the most well rounded players in the NCDA, and he showed it off all season.  His talent and leadership is irreplaceable.  After the season he had in 2017-18, Riley is now at the top of my list of CMU players worthy of a spot in the (yet to be created) College Dodgeball Hall of Fame.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

2. Brandon Meisel (GVSU)

Brandon has been an elite player for many moons now but this season he showed that he is also an elite captain. He has a knack for learning from prior losses and putting all of the pieces together to win when it matters the most. Brandon’s energy on the court is what drives GV to success. Every game he plays he gives it his all on the court by running people down like a madman, blowing people up with a ball or by making clutch catches. Even when he gets out he is immediately talking to his team from the sidelines and making sure everyone is staying motivated. Next year he returns for one last year as captain of the Lakers and looks to improve on his already wildly successful career at GV.

-Written by Dylan Fettig

3. Nick Hazergian (SVSU)

Nick has had quite the career at SVSU.  He burst onto the scene back in 2015-16 thanks to his powerful throw, but over the last two years he has made an impressive transition into being more than just a power arm.  Nick is a great all-around player, with a strong arm and solid catching skills.  Beyond his skills, he was also a crucial leader for an SVSU team that made significant improvement over the course of the season.  His leadership is a big reason why the Cardinals were able to once again reach the Final Four.  His competitive on the court, and character off it will be sorely missed next year by SVSU.

-Written by Kevin Bailey Continue reading “2018 All-Michigan Team”

Power Rankings: Postseason 2018

Another year of College Dodgeball has come and gone.  Nationals 2018 held at Virginia Commonwealth was a huge success, and with it came plenty of upsets.  For that reason, the power rankings saw plenty of changes since last month as you will see.

Below is the official 2018 Postseason Power Rankings list produced by NCDA Executive Board members Jacob Leski (Director of Recruitment and Retention), and Kevin Bailey (Chief of Content).  For this Post-Nationals Power Rankings list, we included Hunter Ford (Director of Nationals) , along with Content Writer Colby Briceland.  Please keep in mind: these power rankings have no impact on the actual NCDA Standings.  And for those curious, yes the “way-too-early” 2018-19 rankings are coming soon… Continue reading “Power Rankings: Postseason 2018”

Nationals 2018 Reaction

It’s been several days since teams returned home from NCDA Nationals 2018.  The season’s final tournament did not disappoint this year, with a record number of teams in attendance and plenty of unforgettable games.  The Content Team has plenty in store for you over the next few weeks, but to start, here are my initial thoughts from this past weekend’s tournament: Continue reading “Nationals 2018 Reaction”

If Grand Valley Didn’t Exist…

Grand Valley State University won their 10th NCDA National Title over the weekend.  It was also their 6th-straight.  Incredible accomplishments, to say the least.

The unbelievable dominance of collegiate dodgeball by one school got us thinking: what if GVSU didn’t exist?  What if Grand Valley wasn’t around to scoop up nearly every National Title the league has handed out?  Who would be the National Champions then?  Which NCDA schools would be the most decorated?

Below is my list of National Champions if Grand Valley was simply not around to win them:

Here is some quick commentary on the choices listed above: Continue reading “If Grand Valley Didn’t Exist…”

Nationals 2018 Saturday Schedule and Predictions

This piece was written by: Adam Pfeifer (Akron)

Queue 1:

UWP v VCU- VCU will dominate this game and control the pace. They will win the match by working together. VCU 4-0. Yellow Card Potential

SVSU v Kent- This will be a back and forth game but I think Kent will win with their catching and talent from 9-12 beating SVSU’s bottom of the roster. Kent with the win over SVSU 3-2. (If Tyler doesn’t get hurt this time around) Yellow Card Probable, Red Card Potential

UCF v NSU- I think this will be a very high scoring game, with both being newer teams. UCF will win with the roster advantage but NSU will score in this game due to a few players having more game experience. The score will probably end up being 4-2 UCF with their first win. Continue reading “Nationals 2018 Saturday Schedule and Predictions”