Club Dodgeball at the University of Virginia

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Founded in 2015
Joined the NCDA on 28 February 2016
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Established: 1819
Type: Public
Motto: none
Undergraduate Students: 16,736
Fight Song: The Cavalier Song
Other Athletic Conferences: NCAA Division I- Atlantic Coast Conference
Home Court: Slaughter Recreation Center

  • We’re getting slept on big time this year, which is fine. Last time an athletic team at UVA was slept on, they were coming off of a loss to a 16 seed and look what happened next. I’m not saying we’re winning the National Championship this year, but I’m not NOT saying we’re winning the National Championship this year. Anyways, we’re just a group of guys that can dodge some balls (sometimes), talk some trash, and have fun doing it.


Jake Korman – jmk6dz@virginia.edu

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Facebook Page