University of Central Florida Dodgeball Club

Founded 30 November 2017
Joined the NCDA on 3 March 2018
Orlando, FL – RWC Court 1

University of Central Florida
Established: 1963
Type: Public State University, Space Grant University
Undergraduate Students: 66,183
Other Athletic Conferences: NCAA D-1 AAC

Plan to hold a National Tournament in the upcoming years.

Voted in top 25 teams to look out for this upcoming season.

The mission of the Dodgeball Club at UCF is to promote the sport of Dodgeball on the UCF campus in a competitive manner. The main objectives of the Club include:

  • To maintain a competitive Dodgeball team
  • To develop the skills and character of its members
  • To win the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association championship.
  • To promote the importance of teamwork by uniting students toward a common goal.

Contact Ethan Kraus – ethankraus@knights.ucf.edu