Graphic Identity Guide

Media Archive

The League retains a publicly accessible archive [], which is the central resource for anything related to the NCDA. Within it are team logos, official league logos, records, and other relavant media. While users are free to link to anything in the pubic Archive, please let us know about it! And please don’t abuse the privilege.


Logos, past present and alternate, can be found in the Media Archive. The rectangular tricolor logo was initially designed by Derek Sabiston [WKU] in 2008. It was refined in 2011 by Kevin “Champ” Hill [DePaul-42-A]

The official colors of the logo are CMYK Blue, Red, and White, reason being the ease of application. Member Teams may alter the colors to reflect the School’s colors, or use the Black and White as a neutral pallet complement.

Do not use the any past logos to represent the NCDA. Current and Official logos are presented here:

Official NCDA Logo [SVG] [PNG]

NCDA Logo: No border [SVG] [PNG]

NCDA Logo: Black and White [SVG] [PNG]

Alternate Logo

The NCDA has a square alternate logo, designed by Derek Sabiston in 2008.

NCDA Alternate Logo: [SVG] [PNG]