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Here’s a few links to help you get started in purchasing dodgeballs. If you find a link to a cheaper set, please feel free to tell us about it at

NCDA Rule 2.2.1 Dodgeballs – Ten (10) 8.5 inch diameter rubber playground balls are required. Extra balls are encouraged to have on hand in the event of a popped or bloody ball. Standard Dodgeball – The Preferred Dodgeball that is primarily used shall be the Champion Sports PG8.5; a nylon wound, two ply, 8.5 inch diameter rubber playground ball, which is available in a number of wonderful colors. Lack of Preferred Balls – If not enough Standard Dodgeballs can be supplied, other sufficiently similar dodgeballs may be used as long as they meet the requirements of [2.2.1]. Ball Source – Each team is entitled to contribute half the number of dodgeballs used in play. If one team cannot supply their entitled share, the Host will be responsible for supplying the necessary amount for play.

4.115 / multi w/o ship – Epic Sports: Champion PG8.5 (Multi)****
4.29 / ball w/o ship – Epic Sports: Champion PG8.5 (Multi)****
5.33 / @ 6 multi – Amazon: Champion PG8.5 (Multi)****
5.55 / @ 6 multi w/ free ship over 45 – Office Supply: Champion PG8.5 (Multi)****
6.33 / @ 6 multi w/ free ship over 50 – Office World: Champion PG8.5 (Multi)****
6.54 / red w/ free ship over 50 – Office World: Champion PG8.5 (Red)****

Google Search: Champion 8.5 Playground

Court Markers

The following links are options to material that you can use to mark the courts’ boundary and attack lines. (Don’t forget to order using Amazon Smile)
S&S Worldwide Roll-Out Floor Lines
Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape, 1.88 inches

Referee Shirts 

Each match requires that there be four vertical striped black and white referee shirts. These must be worn by the referees and counters.  This establishes the officiating crew and the ones allowed to make calls.  The following are a few options from Amazon (Don’t forget to order using Amazon Smile) 
Shinestone Referee Shirts Men’s Shirts
Murray Sporting Goods Men’s Referee Shirts
Mato & Hash Women’s Referee Shirts
FitsT4 Women’s Referee Shirts


The following are links for two style of whistles for the season. They come in a pack of 12-24 on Amazon (Don’t forget to order using Amazon Smile) Each match requires four whistles, two for the referees and two for the counters. 
Option 1
Option 2 


Here’s a link if you are looking to purchasing nets.  It is recommend that when purchasing a net that you purchase a net with the following characteristics: 1) The net should be classified as a sporting and industrial net, 2) The net should have a rope border installed, and 3) the net should be a square mesh versus a diamond mesh. These characteristics allow for the nets to last for a longer period of time.
Cascade Nets 

If you find a link to other nets that may be useful or have questions on nets, please feel free to contact us about it at

Radar Guns

The follow are links to a few radar funs that you can use to test out your speed of your throw. A great way to see if you have made improvements throughout the season. 
Bushnell Speedster
Net Playz Multi Sport


NCDA Rule 2.3.2 dictates requirements for Team Uniforms and Equipment. Colors – Uniform colors should be comprised of some combination of black, grey, white, and the respective school’s colors. Logos – School logos, school names, and original logos are permitted on the uniform. School logos or names used should be in compliance with the respective school’s licensing department. All players should have numbers clearly visible on both the front and back of their uniform. Numbers may be any of the following: 0, 00, 1-99 Captain and Assistant Captain Uniforms should be designated by a C or an A respectively. Names – Last names and nicknames are permitted on the backs of jerseys. Nicknames should not be obscene.

There is no specific style of uniform required, only that the end result meets the above specifications. Various teams have used styles including the basketball uniform, soccer jerseys, lacrosse pinnies, and the simple printed cotton shirt.

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