Director of League Expansion and Retention: Fall Update

ncda_logo-215x90Much has happened since the start of the season. Many teams are not what they were last season, and newer teams have come into the spotlight of the league for the first time. However, since then, a lot has happened behind the scenes. Here is what your Executive Board and I have been up to when it comes to recruiting new teams for the NCDA. Continue reading “Director of League Expansion and Retention: Fall Update”

Pre-Season Power Rankings (9/15)

First insight to where teams stand going into the 2016-2017 Collegiate Dodgeball Season.

Disclaimer: These rankings have zero impact on seeding for the National Tournament or actual ranking. They provide insight into where teams are currently performing during a given part of the season.

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Director of League Expansion & Retention Vision for the 2016-2017 Season

ncda_logo-215x90First off, I would like to thank all of the teams that voted for me in the recent election. I truly appreciate your vote of confidence and will give my all to help this league grow. For those that did not, I hope I can show you why I was the right choice for this position.

Due to my implementation of the Ambassador Program, the Executive Board decided to appropriately rename my position to Chief Ambassador. Which in a nutshell means I am the head recruiter for the NCDA and in charge of our fabulous alumni. Continue reading “Director of League Expansion & Retention Vision for the 2016-2017 Season”

Central Michigan University Pre-National’s Podcast


cmu-logoMembers of Central Michigan’s Club Dodgeball team, Mike Riley, Kris Kohler, Ian Ryan, Shane Willette and Zach Bachner get together to give their two-cents on the season as a whole. They discuss matches they would like to see at Nationals, their top-five best throwers and catchers in the league, who they would take with them into OT and a farewell to players who are about to play in their last Nationals.


BOTM: 2016 February

ncda_logoFebruary’s baller of the month goes out to not one, but two players!! This months honor goes to Josh Hicks and Josh Wynn of Western Kentucky University. These two fine athletes earned the honor after leading their squad to a 3-1 record at the UK Invitational. Some may say going 3-1 is no big deal, but this squad was previously 0-4 and defeated in-state rival Kentucky at home. Here is the conversation I had with the two:  Continue reading “BOTM: 2016 February”

Michigan Dodgeball Cup Pt 2: Predictions and X-Factors


Photo Credit - Alan Holben
Photo Credit – Alan Holben

As our very own Kevin Bailey touched on beautifully, the parity that has gone on in the state of Michigan this season has been one for the books. Never have all four squads been so close in talent. While many believe that Saginaw Valley State University is on a tier below Central Michigan University, Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University, they have shown on more than one occasion that they can compete with any team in the country. Pt. 1 of the Michigan Dodgeball Cup Preview focused on the past match-ups that had taken place so far throughout the season and how they will have an impact on each match that takes place on February 27th. This article won’t focus on such nonsense. The winner of the MDC will be the team that comes to play, makes few mistakes and leaves everything they have on the court. Period.

So lets get started… Continue reading “Michigan Dodgeball Cup Pt 2: Predictions and X-Factors”

CMU Invite Preview

cmu-logo svsu-logo msu-logo

On January 31st, Central Michigan University, Saginaw Valley State University and Michigan State University square off at the Student Activity Center in Mount Pleasant, MI. This is the first tournament of the new year for either squad and whichever team comes out on top will carry that momentum with them until February 27th, which is the date of the infamous Michigan Dodgeball Cup. With that here’s a look at each of the respective teams attending…

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Nationals Update

ncda_logo_squareOn April 16th and 17th, teams from all over the country will be in Bowling Green, Ohio for a weekend of Dodgeball to determine who the best team in the country is and for many, just to play the sport they love. I had the opportunity to speak with Tyrell Smith,
captain for Bowling Green State University and Director of Nationals about developments and changes for the big weekend coming up in a few months.  Continue reading “Nationals Update”

Spartan Invite Preview #2

For all of you reading this, especially for those of you from Michigan State or Grand Valley I will do my best to be as unbiased as I possibly can, unlike my fellow content writers Colin O’Brien and Kevin Bailey. I don’t think anyone was in the least bit surprised when Kevin chose Grand Valley to beat MSU 2-0 at home or that “it won’t require OT” for GVSU to take down CMU. I don’t expect Colin to be as biased but I still plan on him selecting MSU to go 4-0. While I have just as much faith in CMU to go 4-0, I plan to shake things up. Am I really willing to predict that CMU is going to lose a close one this Sunday after their OT victory over MSU and absolute demolition of SVSU? I mean is anyone really surprised Saginaw is on an entire tier below the other three Michigan teams this year? Well I’m not. But before I let myself get carried away, lets get to my preview. Continue reading “Spartan Invite Preview #2”

ROTM: 2015 September

Yes, September ended many weeks ago, but the content team decided that since we have a baller of the month, it is only right that the many rookies in our league get acknowledgement for their immediate contribution to their respectful teams this season. Our first rookie of the month comes from a team that seems to lose lots of talent year after year, but never struggles to be a title contender. Saginaw Valley State University has a knack for recruiting great players and inserting them immediately into their line-up and that is exactly what they have done with Kyle Bruce. Since Kyle is a rookie and has only played a handful of games, he has yet to have a picture taken of him playing dodgeball, so if you want to know what he looks like then you will have to meet him at a tournament or simply look him up on Facebook. Continue reading “ROTM: 2015 September”