-4th Season with the Team

-From Milwaukee, WI

-Hospitality Business

-Former Midwest Dodgeball Player of the Week

-2013 All-Star

-2013 All-NCDA First Team

-Average Joes’ Podcast Co-Host


Mike Van Ermen is one of the bigger stars in the league, and the leader of the Spartans. He’s a solid catcher, but a great transition killer and has a tremendous power arm . His play at Nationals 2013 helped garner him All-NCDA honors as a Junior.



10900_608729209143232_1807616964_n-Assistant Captain

-3rd Season with the Team

-From Milford, MI

-Computer Science


Andy is entering his first season in a leadership position, but his fiery play should spark State to victory. He’s the best catcher on the team, and has improved his throw to the point where he’s deadly on his crosses.



17711_608729559143197_1113227561_n-Former Captain

-7th Year with the Team

-From East Lansing, MI

-Communications/Public Relations

-Former NCDA Baller of the Month

-2011 All-Star

-2013 All-NCDA Second Team


Ian has been one of the most important Spartans in the history of the program, and he helped MSU get to the National Title Game last season. He has one of the strongest arms on the team, and is possibly the most dangerous crosser in the league. He’s also a vocal leader, and can cover his teammates extremely well.



644359_608729062476580_1077768913_n-6th Season with the Team

-From Drummond Island, MI



Tim came into his own last season, as he was a crucial part of many of MSU’s victories. He was always a great blocker, but he added in a good counter into his repertoire, making him an offensive threat to go along with his defensive prowess.



69607_608728955809924_154672955_n-5th Season with the Team

-From Lowell, MI

-Applied Engineering


Nicole is another player who stepped their game up last season, and also took a little bit of a leadership role. She’s deadly with her sneak attack throw, is incredibly hard to hit, and is fearless.



554201_608728725809947_76979976_n-5th Season with the Team

-From Okemos, MI

-Civil Engineering

-2011, 2012, and 2013 All-Star

-2012 All-NCDA First Team


Injuries shortened Eric’s season last year, but he’s still one of the best players in MSU history. He’s got an extremely accurate and fast throw, is one of the better catchers in the league, and has some speed to his game. He can be a game changer for the Spartans in 2013-2014.



64581_608729635809856_859195763_n-4th Season with the Team

-From Chicago, IL


-Vice President

 Jake has more energy than most of the Spartans do combined, and he is extremely competitive. He’s turning into a good catcher and has made a great impact on the Spartans over his tenure with the team.



432262_10151314189780475_891177868_n-3rd Season with the Team

-From Bridgman, MI



Kyle has one goal in mind when throwing a dodgeball- headshots. He has a strong arm, and works great as a teammate. He’s also one of the loosest Spartans out there, and can definitely help State out when it comes to getting some wins.



419764_10151314171725475_778613128_n-4th Season with the Team

-From Bloomfield Hills, MI

-Supply Chain Management


Charlie was one of the heroes of the Nationals 2013 run that the Spartans went on, as he threw ball after ball to eliminate opponents or beat the shot clock. He doesn’t have the strongest arm, but he’s still a lethal player on the court offensively.



19613_608729602476526_1479149020_n-3rd Season with the Team

-From Riverview, MI

-Human Biology


Alex got his first taste of big time dodgeball at the 2013 Michigan Dodgeball Cup, where he played well. He has a good cross, can dodge, and can make timely catches.



13193_608728692476617_711207926_n-3rd Season with the Spartans

-From Milford, MI

-Chemical Engineering


John is possibly the most clutch player on the Spartans. Time after time he makes a huge catch, a big kill, or a big block. He’s one of the better all-around players on MSU, and he’s a guy that can keep MSU in points.


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