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Every so often, captains of NCDA teams are called upon to determine the heirarchy of college dodgeball. Mike "Squeak" Youngs translates their votes into points and comes up with our NCDA Rankings. The number of points for each team can be found in parentheses next to their ranking. Comments on each team written by SVSU's Jason Stein. All comments, questions and trash talk can be posted in our forum.

Week 1

1 (5) Same
For those who haven’t seen this team play, it's almost like poetry in motion. But poetry makes it sound like balls aren’t flying at your face at 60-80 miles per hour.
2 (10) Same
Has shown dominate force against some teams this year. Nicknames like "Demigod" & "Most Hated Man in Dodgeball" has them making a push towards greatness.
3 (22) Same
This team keeps showing improvement with every game. Could they be a team of destiny? Or just a team with Mike “Squeak” Youngs leading them to greatness?
4 (24) Same
This team likes to keep everyone wondering. They will keep to themselves, not play many games and then just shred everyone at Nationals.
4 (24) Same
Beat 3 teams in the KY Classic in their first stint in the NCDA. The scary look on their faces during games is enough to instill fear in the minds of their opponents.
6 (32) Same
Probably the most talkative of all dodgeball teams; love to stir up competitive spirit and spectate at other dodge ball games. Could so much talk be the reason they fell?
7 (37) Same
This team has the most promise of all the 0-3 teams from the Classic because of the experience that they carry with the team. They can only get better during the year.
8 (39) Same
Best team to play against. Competitive and very enthusiastic about the great game of dodgeball. This team gets better every time they play a game.
9 (42) Same
After one year, they have had a huge turn around. If they changed this much after one year, what happens after two? Teams might fear this team very soon.
10 (52) Same
This team brings all they have to the table and every time they play increase in skill. Team work continues to grow throughout their season.
11 (58) Same
This team showed up to Nationals and surprised a bunch of people with a pretty good showing of talent. Haven't played yet but could be up and coming.
12 (60) Same
Funniest team in the NCDA. With their dances and fun play, it's not known if they are trying to get better or not, but at least they have fun.
12 (60) Same
The standard first-year team that has taken some lumps. Louisville can look to teams like Western Kentucky for some direction and inspiration.
14 (61) Same
Might show promise? Might be good? A lack of games played and other information will probably leave everyone guessing until Nationals.
15 (74) Same
The inaugural game was a learning experience for HFCC. Hopefully they can build off it and their performances in the upcoming games they play.


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