DePaul University Invite Preview

The recently announced DePaul University Invite will feature a unique mix of teams: #14 DePaul, #13 Moody Bible Institute, #2 Kentucky, and Wisconsin-Platteville, who hasn’t played a game yet this season. While its clear that UK is the favorite for the tournament, and should likely pick up three wins, the other three schools definitely have what it takes to pick up at least two wins.

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Injury Notice

Hello Good People,

I just wanted to send a quick message out to everyone. The Subject: Injuries related to Dodgeball. 

While I’m chiefly interested in injuries during matches and JV matches, I’d also like you report injuries that happen at practices/regular dodgeball nights. Even report those incidents that might happen outside of a scrimmage, but still during practice time, and in practice space. (i.e. People were horsing around between games and sustained a sprained ankle from slipping on a ball.)  Continue reading “Injury Notice”

Spring Break Standings Update

1. Kent State (21-7) 42 points
2. Kentucky (13-1) 26 points
3. JMU (12-4-2) 26 points
4. SVSU (10-5-3) 23 points
5. MSU (10-5-2) 22 points
6. GVSU (10-1) 20 points
7. Maryland (4-5) 8 points
8. Ohio State (4-7) 8 points
9. Towson (4-9) 8 points
T10. WKU (3-6) 6 points
T10. CMU (3-6) 6 points
12. Miami (3-12) 6 points
13. Moody (2-3) 4 points
14. DePaul (2-6) 4 points
15 BGSU (2-9) 4 points
16. RIT (1-3) 2 points
17. VCU (0-11) 0 points
18. Nebraska (0-4) 0 points

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BOTM: 2013 February

Mark Trippiedi [GVSU]

Mark Trippiedi (GVSU #8-C) recently led his team to a record sixth Michigan Dodgeball Cup title (no other school has more than one championship!) with his power throw, catching, and leadership. His #4 GVSU Lakers currently have the second best win percentage in the NCDA, and are one of the title favorites for Nationals.

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2013 Michigan Dodgeball Cup Recap


The #4 GVSU Lakers won their record sixth Michigan Dodgeball Cup, going 3-0 on the day with wins over #6 SVSU (2-1 in OT), #10 CMU (4-0), and #3 MSU (3-2.) Grand Valley had a team effort, as their depth really showed in the tournament. There were multiple times that star players Mark Trippiedi (GVSU #8-C) and Dylan Fettig (GVSU #24-A) were on the bench, and the Lakers were able to hold off rallies and win points. All four teams had good showings though, with everyone having bright spots in their games.

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2013 MDC Results

EAST LANSING – IM WEST: GVSU goes 3-0, SVSU 2-1 MSU 1-2, CMU 0-3 in the 2013 Michigan Dodgeball Cup, the oldest collegiate dodgeball tournament.

The Cup has been consistently hosted by Michigan State Dodgeball since 2005, the 2013 MDC has been the 9th event of that name. Check out the final scores after the Jump.

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