Kent State Dodgeball Memoir

“Hey you! Get over here and come play dodgeball!

Those were the first words screamed to me, Leslie Ellison #21″, by Carl Veith, co-captain with his brother Matt Veith in 2008.

My first time at the Kent State Rec Center, I was a terrified freshmen. I still think back to that day and laugh. It’s true what people say: sometimes one moment can change your life completely.  Continue reading “Kent State Dodgeball Memoir”

Alumni Appreciation: Aleks Bomis

Much has been made of the contributions that Aleks has made to the dodgeball world, whether it’s been starting the MSU team, helping create the NCDA, helping out with the Nationals 2011 video, doing a variety of posters in Photoshop, being the short lived commissioner of the NCDA, he has truly done everything in his power to help the league grow.

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Alumni Appreciation: Mike McCarthy

You all know him- the man, the myth, the legend. Mike McCarthy (CMU #55) was one of the greatest dodgeballers to step out on the court. He could throw 75 mph, catch anything, rocked a mohawk, led CMU to a National Finals appearance, and helped them win their first Michigan Dodgeball Cup. He’s still very active in the NCDA community despite being out of the game since 2010.

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2013 CDO Recap

cdo2013-759x500CHICAGO – Ray Meyer: The 2013 Chicago Dodgeball Open featured some great dodgeball games and some good times had. With #3 James Madison (9-2-1), #4 Michigan State (9-3-1), #5 Grand Valley (7-1-0), #9 Moody Bible (2-3-0), #10 DePaul (2-6-0), and #17 Nebraska (0-4-0) all competing, it was a mix of many different play styles which made it a very unique tournament.

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Valley Vanguard: SVSU 2013-01-14

The Valley Vanguard: SVSU Student Newspaper:

Second half looks promising for reigning dodgeball champs

by: Marie Nesbitt

With the start of the new year, the SVSU dodgeball team is looking to continue their habit of winning. Currently, the Cardinals have a 4-3-1 record and are hoping to get their fifth win against Michigan State come January 27.  Continue reading “Valley Vanguard: SVSU 2013-01-14”

Alumni Appreciation: Champ’s Player Logos

In the spirit of using player silhouettes as the League logo, the NBA and MLB being notable examples, the NCDA also has a few of its own.

The following images were created by DePaul Dodgeball alum Kevin “Champ” Hill [DePaul-42-A], during the 2012 season. A talented designer, he also refined the main NCDA logo which these “Player Logos” are inspired by. This small series started after work on refining the main logo, and reflecting the Nationals 2010 shirt design.  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Champ’s Player Logos”

Head West Young Dukes

jmu_logoJames Madison is getting ready for the big trip West to the Chicago Dodgeball Open next weekend, and they’re going to get their money’s worth out of the games. The #4 Dukes (6-1-1) will get games against #6 Grand Valley, #11 DePaul, #3 Michigan State, and #17 Nebraska as they look to improve their record and put away the other East Coast schools in their regional rankings. They’re also looking for more national recognition. The Dukes burst onto the scene by having a great first regular season, and capped it off by upsetting Michigan State at Nationals. They reached the National Quarterfinals before being knocked off by Kentucky 3-1. Continue reading “Head West Young Dukes”